Mayor Mudge's private memo

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Mayor Mudge's private memo
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Mayor Mudge's private memo is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


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Richard Mudge: Just got back from a town council meeting. Bunch of pansies. No vision. No brains. No balls. I'm going to drag the lot of them into the 22nd century if it's the last thing I do. Since I have dirt on most of those yellow belly piss ants, they won't have much of a choice. Tourism! That's what this place needs. Bunch of wide-eyed marks wandering around spending their cash on shit they don't need. Grafton steel is the past. Water parks and shooting ranges are the future. But I have to be careful. Grafton Steel is a big campaign contributor. Can't let them think I don't have their backs. At least not until I stab them there.

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