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Massacre of Nipton
Nipton Massacre 1.pngNipton Massacre 2.png
Nipton Massacre 3.pngNipton Massacre 4.png
Road to town hall with several crucified powder gangers, a tire fire with several burned bodies, another tire fire with several burned and crucified and people and several killed NCR troopers inside a bungalow.
DateOctober 2281
  • Destruction of Nipton
Involved parties
CaesarLegionSymbol.png Caesar's Legion
CaesarLegionSymbol.png Vulpes Inculta
several Legionaries
Entire town
4 NCR troopers
several Powder Gangers killed and crucified
Connected events
Part of:
NCR-Legion War
Fall of Nelson
Second Battle of Hoover Dam
Mojave Campaign

The Massacre of Nipton,[1] or the Nipton lottery,[2] was the systematized killing of the inhabitants of Nipton by Caesar's Legion frumentarii in 2281.


Hoping to capitalize off the local prison break by the Powder Gangers, town Mayor Joseph Steyn had invited newly formed Powder Gangers to the town to service them with prostitutes, chems and other entertainment so to make extra profit from them and the NCR troops that occasionally visit town. Steyn was later approached by Vulpes Inculta, under the alias of Mr. Fox, to proposition Steyn in letting the Legion come to town and make an example of NCR troopers and Powder Gangers that stay in Nipton with little knowledge of Vulpes Inculta's true intentions for Nipton.[3][4]


When the Powder Gangers had entered town, the Legion had sprung their trap and began to drag everyone to the center of town and killing anyone that resisted. Once everyone who was willing to come along peacefully was fully rounded up, Vulpes Inculta announced his plan for a lottery to decide the fates of the captured. First off on the lottery were the "lucky losers" that got decapitated, second were the crucifixions, which made up the bulk of the lottery tickets. During these drawings Mayor Steyn's ticket was drawn and was given special treatment of being burned alive on a tire fire.

After the main tickets were chosen, the first, second and third place prizes were drawn. Third place winners were enslaved and taken by the legion to a local Legion raid camp, the second place winner, Boxcars, had his life spared but his legs crippled with hammers,[5] and finally first place winner, Oliver Swanick, had his life spared without any harm done.[2]


During the roundup, the Legion suffered minor casualties. After the final ticket was drawn, none of the original Nipton residents remained, with all of the "winners" being Powder Gangers. Along with wiping out the whole town, Vulpes Inculta and his contubernias of legionaries left the town in ruin with several tire fires burning on the roads of Nipton that can be seen for miles.[6] Numerous powder gangers were crucified on the road to Nipton town hall that was also filled with rabid Legion mongrels and other surprises as a trap for anyone who investigates. To help spread the word of Legion on the NCR side of the Colorado River, Vulpes tasks a Courier to deliver the news to local Mojave Outpost.[7]


The aftermath of the Nipton Massacre can be seen in Fallout: New Vegas.


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    Bark Scorpion Nipton House
    The Legion have captured some poisonous Bark Scorpions, which are inside a cage [Average], which you can open if you want to fight them at close quarters, There are also Frag Mines here, making this a death-trap. Disarm the ones you don't step on (there's one in every room). The kitchen has a Shotgun Trap across the door, so stop and disarm the Tripwire first. Food in the fridge [Easy] and a Legionary to search, and a cabinet to open [Average]. Check the Tool Cabinet for a Note written by a hold-out from the previous mayor.
    Nipton Town Hall
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