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Massachusetts State House
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The Massachusetts State House also once known as the Massachusetts Statehouse and/or the New State House, is the former state capitol and seat of government for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


The former state capitol and house of government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, this building was designed by noted architect Charles Bulfinch. It was built on land once owned by John Hancock — Massachusetts's first elected governor — and was completed in 1798. Since then, the building was repeatedly renovated, such as a major expansion completed in 1895 and the east and west wings in 1917. The original wood dome, which leaked, was covered with copper in 1802 by Paul Revere's Revere Copper Company. Originally painted gray, it was later painted a light yellow before being gilded with gold leaf in 1874. During World War II, the dome was painted once again, this time black or gray, to prevent reflection during blackouts and to protect the city and building from the perceived threat of bombing attacks.[1][2]

It is considered a masterpiece of Federal architecture and among Bulfinch's finest works. Located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, this historic landmark became a part of the Freedom Trail in 1951, and was in continuous use until the formation of the Thirteen Commonwealths in 1969.

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Now it is considered to be one of the finest raider- and mirelurk-infested locations in the Commonwealth.[2] In 2287, raiders would attempt to scavenge valuables from this ruin. Because they could not read, they would kidnap and enslave a scavenger to help them in their efforts.[3] Despite the death of the scavenger and the mirelurk infestation, they managed to excavate quite a bit of the building, even constructing an elevator from their encampment in the upper floors to the rotunda.


The entrance is all but blocked by rubble and nailed up walls, forcing one to the east, where a collapsed floor allows access to the second story. Down the hall are two rooms: one in the north contains a cooking station, and one in the southwest leads to the main foyer (which was blocked by rubble at the entrance). Busted walls to the west on the first floor fork: going north leads to a small camp, while heading south leads to a collapsed floor going up to the second story again.

The only hallway leads across adjacent to the main foyer before coming to a collapsed floor going back to the ground story, and the entrance to the raider camp under the state house's dome. The only place to go is down, leading to a subterranean cave filled with mirelurks. There is a maglocked door to the south, with a wire leading west, into a storage are filled with radioactive barrels, peaking at 19 rads per second. The storeroom exits through a tunnel to a space full of busted pipes; one of these pipes leads east out of the space, into a moderately irradiated room containing a terminal that will open the mag locked doors (after unlocking the door a mirelurk queen will break through the ground).

The maglocked doors lead down a hall; through a busted wall is another hall that leads to several collapsed offices, with floors leading up to a staircase. After ascending two floors, there is a room to the west containing a weapons workbench and a collapsed floor leading to the next story. This story has an armor workbench at the end of the hall, and a turret guarding the staircase up. A door on the north side leads into what used to be a breakroom, where there is a door leading to the raider camp in the atrium.

A wooden bridge around the west side of the atrium leads to the opposite side, where raiders have turn the offices into living quarters. These quarters terminate at a lift, which leads down to the room outside the main entrance.

Notable loot

  • Raider power armor parts are worn by a raider in the atrium settlement.
  • A mini nuke is found on a bureau shelf in the atrium settlement, in the room just before the room with the lift.
  • A fusion core is found in the generator in the subterranean cave, below the terminal that opens the maglocked doors.
  • The Raider atrium key is found in a metal box after ascending three stories from going through the maglocked doors in the cave. The box is behind a turret.
  • State House note, on the corpse of a scavenger near the cooking station.
  • Overdue book, propped up against the desk that Lieutenant Governor Graham's desk terminal rests.


  • The basements beneath these buildings, and this facility in particular, were used to store radioactive waste barrels.
  • When entering the room with the collapsed floor that leads to the lower levels of the building mirelurk hatchlings fall from the ceiling. Using a jetpack to enter said hole reveals a room filled with silt, on one of the piles is a teddy bear scene. Three teddy bears sit facing a bleached white skeleton with a single dose of psycho by its left hand.
  • There are several scripted unique mirelurk encounters here. The first is the hatchlings that appear out of a hole in the barricaded doorway of a first floor bathroom. Triggered by xxxxx. The second is several hatchlings falling from the hole in the ceiling when entering a the room which leads to the mezzanine of the state house. The third is in the a basement pipe. In it a hatchling hatches from a raider corpse's skull, disintegrating the head completely. The fourth is the scene with the mirelurk queen. Which appears (bursting through the central basement muck) once you drop from the alcove with the terminal to open the MagLock door to the secure storage room. The fifth and final scene is when after passing through said secure storage and leave the room to the west, a mirelurk will burrow through the soil beneath the floorboards in the following hallway. Bursting through the floor to attack the player.
  • Inside the raider stronghold there is an office that is only accessible with a jetpack. Inside, on the desk inside the in-going/outgoing paper holder is three sets of hand bones. Two right and one left hand. Also on the desk are three pencils, a cigar box and a ashtray neatly arranged next to a desk lamp. Beneath the desk is a clanging monkey. Inside the room is a skull and a left foot.
  • On the roof is the skeleton of two workers by a toolbox.


The Massachusetts State House appears only in Fallout 4.


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