Mass Pike tunnel

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Mass Pike tunnel
Fo4 Mass Pike Tunnel Int.png
Map MarkerMass Pike Tunnel East
Mass Pike Tunnel West
Feral ghouls
Cell NameMassPikeTunnelWestExt (west)
MassPikeTunnel01 (interior)
MassPikeTunnelEastExt (east)
ref id0000e510 (west)
0007d8e6 (interior)
0000e52b (east)
TerminalsMass Pike tunnel terminals

Mass Pike tunnel is a location in the Commonwealth.


The Massachusetts Turnpike tunnel running underneath Boston has been compromised by severe flooding and tunnel collapses in several places, but it still connects the opposite parts of the city. A gang of raiders control the southern section of the tunnel, and have set up fortifications and traps to keep the feral ghouls in the north.


The tunnel is straightforward. Its ends are marked by exits to the western and eastern entrances, while halfway through it has entrances to side areas. The northern one features a flooded utility room with a steamer trunk, while the southern one has Detective Perry's body and some loot behind an Advanced-level terminal, including a chemistry station and a power armor station. The Boston Police rationing site can also be accessed through the southern end.

Notable loot


  • There is a teddy bear hospital taking place on the bus next to the west entrance. Another teddy is even in the bus' driver's seat.


Mass Pike tunnel appears only in Fallout 4.