Martin T. Harris

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Mentioned-only character
Martin T. Harris
Biography and appearance
AffiliationNational Electric
RoleFrederick Sinclair's point of contact
Mentioned inDead Money
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Martin T. Harris was National Electric's employee handling Frederick Sinclair's high profile contract for Sierra Madre holograms.


Due to Frederick Sinclair's concern of the growing threat from the People's Republic of China he, as representative for National Electric, ensured that select hologram emitters were equipped with Emergency Broadcast Emitters. Reassured Sinclair that in case of nuclear attack, holograms will defend their stations with lethal force to protect the guests under their charge. Reminding Sinclair that the E.B.E. is a proven technology, enabling those who come to his Resort & Casino the ability to defend themselves.

In the formal letter to Sinclair he expressed interest in acquiring Vera Keyes autograph, emphasizing that although he couldn't reduce the price for the holography he could send a few extra units for the trouble.[1]


Martin T. Harris is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.