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Mentioned-only character
Biography and appearance
AffiliationChildren of Atom
RoleReligious leader
Dialogue FileMartin's dialogue
Mentioned inFar Harbor

Confessor Martin was the leader of the Children of Atom prior to High Confessor Tektus.


Confessor Martin was a friend of DiMA, who, after the Children were kicked out of Far Harbor, settled in the Nucleus, as a gift from DiMA.[1] One morning Confessor Martin disappeared after going to sleep in his chambers, and, despite a search party of zealots organized by Tektus, was unable to be located. Tektus, who would take over as leader and become High Confessor, claims that his devotion was questionable and that he may gone to Far Harbor or fled to the south.[2] A final note from Martin implies that he had lost his followers and faith, as well as being known as a traitor to his group, finally deciding to leave to start a new life without Atom.[3]

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Confessor Martin is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  1. The Sole Survivor: "If this thing involves the whole island, then you need help. I can be your problem-solver if you let me in."
    DiMA: "I suppose there's something to be said about refusing help even when it's offered and you're in need. There's a conflict that's been brewing on this island, shortly after we built Acadia. Between Far Harbor and the Children of Atom."
    Chase: "Simply put: They want to kill each other, and each side wants us to help them."
    Faraday: "We've tried to stay neutral, but Far Harbor was going to be wiped out by the Fog, so that's when we built the Condensers for them."
    DiMA: "And I was friends with the previous leader of the Children of Atom, Confessor Martin. I even gave them their headquarters, the submarine base they named the Nucleus."
    Chase: "Which was a mistake, because Martin is gone and the new Confessor, Tektus, is completely insane."
    DiMA: "He's been threatening us, to force us to choose a side. I left behind something very important in that submarine base I gave them."
    Faraday: "DiMA's earliest memories are stored in the military computer banks in that base. The prewar security systems and Confessor Martin's good will were supposed to keep them safe."
    Chase: "But now Tektus is in charge, and he's after DiMA's memories. We don't even know what's in them."
    DiMA: "But we do know that I spent nearly a century on this island, alone. Whatever's in there is too dangerous to allow Tektus to get his hands on them."
    (DiMA's, Chase's, and Faraday's dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "What happened to the Confessor before you?"
    Tektus: "Martin? No one knows. One night he was sleeping in his chambers in the vessel, and the next morning, he'd simply vanished. The other zealots and I organized a party to try and find him, to no avail. I wouldn't be shocked if he took up in Far Harbor or fled to the south. His dedication to Atom had become... questionable. He'd done nothing when Far Harbor executed one of our missionaries, so I dare say it's best that he fled."
    (Tektus' dialogue)
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