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Mission data
Chapter2 (Bunker Beta)
Given ByGeneral Simon Barnaky
MainEleminate Emperor Daarr
Find the source of control over the deathclaws
OptionalFree the Deathclaw Matriarch
Free prisoners
Dialogue FileMIS 07 Speech.txt
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Mardin is the seventh mission in Fallout Tactics.


Take more 7.62mm bullets than usual, as here it will be rare. Take shotgun shells and JHP bullets too, since the enemies will be unarmored again. It is best to arrive during daylight hours.

On the surface it is hunting season. The hardest things to shoot will be the giant wasps - they are too small, so try burst mode.

The only thing worth mentioning is that you will find a H&K CAWS early on. This is a perfect burst-mode shotgun. It will be useful when you enter the underground camp.

There are many entrances to it. If you go down the farthest it will turn into a separated crypt. If you go down the big hole there will be giant insects. Then baby deathclaws, which you may prefer to save (doesn't matter, and this is the easiest way to enter).

The main entrance is heavily guarded, so the one closest to crypt is suggested.

Find the Matriarch. Unlock the cage's door, but do not open it until you kill everyone except in the main room, where Emperor Dar resides. In the cages there are baby deathclaws, and on the other side there are civilians. The civilians' cage requires lockpick (20% will do, if you forget the lockpicks) and they will run to the surface (clear the way for them). The baby deathclaws' cages can be opened with a switch. This way you can get some reinforcement after you open Mother's cage and talk to her. When you do that she will go down the main hall, and start hitting the Beastlords. The baby deathclaws still alive will all turn friendly and help you in this fight.

After the fight is over, talk again with the Mother. Later you will find her in Bunker Gamma. You can recruit her to your team as well as barter with her, but she has no items which makes this possibility unnecessary.

North from the Mother's cell there are several prison cells with prisoners in them. Free them to receive a Reputation bonus.


  • If you save the Mother, you will be able to recruit deathclaws to your squad after this mission.