Maple's garb

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Maple's garb
Maple's Garb.png
Icon druid robe.png
DR15Item HP150
EffectsPE +1, AG +1
Merc outfits
Roving trader outfit
base id0005a6ca

Maple's garb is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3, a unique variant of the oasis robe.


Without the use of glitching, this armor has the second highest damage reduction-to-weight ratio in the game (the highest being General Jingwei's uniform), making it an excellent choice for sneaking characters, although those with the silent running perk will find it much less useful as weight is not a factor in sneaking with the perk.

It can be repaired with all wasteland outfits and roving trader outfits


Main article: Oasis (quest)

Maple's garb is rewarded from Branchtender Maple if you choose to help Tree Father Birch to stop the growth of Harold. This is done by applying Birch's Sap to Harold's heart, which is located in the caves beneath Oasis.

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