Man's Best Friend

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For the Fallout 3 character, see Dogmeat (Fallout 3).
Man's Best Friend
Male version
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
RequirementsAvailable only to Cyrus, Nadia, Patty, Rhombus and Vault Dweller
20 skill points
EffectsYou get a canine companion named Dogmeat
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2
RequirementsAvailable only to Lilith and Maxus
EffectsYou get a faithful canine companion

Man's Best Friend is a skill in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It was also going to appear in the canceled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2.


You acquire a canine companion to aid you in your battles named Dogmeat. It appears for the first time when you reach a save point.


  • It works well in Chapter 2 and isn't bad for Chapter 3, packing a nice punch with its attack. It follows you all the time and it may divert enemies into running toward it rather than you.
  • Unfortunately, Dogmeat may run right into explosives, killing itself in a fate similar to the original Dogmeat in the Mariposa Military Base in Fallout. However, It will respawn when you reach the next save point.

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