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Mama Dolce's Food Processing
F76 Mama Dolces Ext.png
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Part ofThe Forest, Morgantown
FactionsPeople's Liberation Army
  • Robots
  • Connections
    Connects toFujiniya Intelligence Base
    QuestsEvent: Feed the People
  • Dungeon
  • Clearable
  • Dungeon
  • The Forest location
  • Fast travel destination
  • Working Class theme
  • Large loot scale
  • Interior cell
  • TerminalsMama Dolce's Food Processing terminals

    Mama Dolce's Food Processing is a location in Fallout 76.


    Ostensibly the greatest food processing plant chain in America, Mama Dolce's was a front for Chinese intelligence and research operations on American soil. Billed as an All-American Business,  upholdind the values and traditions of this great American society at all costs, the facility in Morgantown concealed the Fujiniya Intelligence Base, established as part of Operation Trinitite: An attempt to infiltrate and destroy alleged American factory cities found in West Virginia.[1] Although the operation failed in its original goal, the facility continued to operate, focusing on other areas of intelligence gathering, stealth research, and even robotics. Although the cover was near-perfect, Sugar Grove analysts happened upon wire transfers sent overseas by the company and, with help of Washington DC analysts, traced the money back through shell companies, all the way back to China. A request for full surveillance operations was submitted on August 9, 2077, though it was not completed before the Great War.[2]

    Following the Great War, the Chinese contingent here attempted to hold out and stick together. The factory and its automated defenses provided decent cover - after all, the factory was literally built around the Liberators launch bays, disguised as smoke stacks, with the entrance hidden away in the access pipes - but what they failed to account for was the acumen of Agent Grey and the determination of the Enclave. Operatives stormed the facility, eliminated the Chinese, and set about harnessing the factory for their own purposes. At first, the garrison posed as survivalists attempting to make the food processing machines work, but constant power outages and mechanical breakages made that impossible to accomplish. So they turned to scaring people away. Local survivors were killed and posed around the factory, made to look as if they were killed by invisible ghosts (operatives with Stealth Boys). The operation was quite successful and soon people were scared to even cross the river and get near the factory.[3]

    However, it was in vain. Despite the bounty of stealth research and Liberators schematics, the facility proved impossible to use due to constant power outages and attacks from robots, which seemed to literally come out of the walls. The site commander recommended scrapping the mission entirely and leaving the factory to rot, especially after a Liberator surprised him in the midst of a bowel movement.[4] Although the Enclave abandoned the site, cleaning up all traces of its presence, the Responders picked up the slack a few years later. Sanjay Kumar's recon confirmed that the plant could be used to process raw ingredients into edible food and even managed to restore and automate the machines. However, the constant attacks from Protectrons and Liberators spawned by the automated facility below made a permanent presence untenable.[5] The Responders settled for simply intermittently entering the facility to activate and fix the machines up whenever they cooled down enough to be usable again.[6]

    Points of interest

    • The factory is located across the river from Morgantown, easily recognizable by its twin smoke stacks belching smoke into the air. The factory itself is small and fairly cramped, with plenty of blind spots and tight spaces. The area typically crawls with Protectrons and hordes of Liberators, making it unsuitable as long-term housing, but good hunting grounds for scrap and supplies. The easy access to the roof also makes it a good vantage point for sniping Scorched or other players.
    • The ground floor contains the shift manager's office with an accessible terminal and a bathroom with a first aid kit. Just near it is a cage containing random loot containers, near the hopper used during the Feed the People event. On the opposite side of the floor are two food processing machines with the loading bay and a dead soldier with random loot inside.
    • The upper floor can be accessed via the stairs near the cage, and leads to the locker rooms just beyond the third food processing machine, and the main office of the plant manager. The office is of particular interest, as it contains the factory manager ID card that is used to gain access to the Fujiniya Bunker.
    • The bunker itself is accessed on the outside of the facility, through a dummy intake pipe. The best way is to exit the factory through the hole in the wall near the cage enclosure, then take a right. The entrance can be identified by an orange door on the pipe that can be slid away to reveal the entrance to the bunker. It's not visible from the outside, so it's possible the players might need to do a little maneuvering.

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    Mama Dolce's Food Processing appears in Fallout 76.