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Maltese Falcon
Part ofThe Hub
Hub Police (after Decker's death)
Hub Police (after Decker's death)
Justin Greene (after Decker's death)
QuestsDispose of merchant.
Dispose of Jain.
Take down Decker
Bar itself

The Maltese Falcon is the The Hub's biggest club and flop house. It is run by Decker, the head of a criminal organization named the Underground.


The Falcon used to be a legitimate operation, ran by Beth's friend. When Decker decided that he wants the club, her friend wouldn't sell. Two days later he was found shot in Old Town, twice in the chest, once in the head. Decker has been running the club ever since, using it as front for his activities.[1]

Should he be killed, Decker's death is the knell of the Underground - his absolutist control of all criminal activities within the city basically means that there is no one to succeed him; the Hub Police can easily pick off any criminal elements without fear of retribution and the Maltese Falcon now owned by the Hub Police.


The two main doors opens onto the entry. On the left, it's the bar where drinks are served and with many armchair next. The bar serves:

  • Water (unexportable and drink in the bar) for 2 caps
  • Beer for 5 caps
  • Booze for 10 caps

On the right, the casino area where anyone can play gambling offered by the Maltese Falcon. On bottom right, the rooms serve of bedrooms and brothel rooms with 6 rooms available and two prostitute working for the Maltese Falcon, but the player can't have a relationship with them and can not sleep in rooms.

On the wall behind the bar on the right, there is a door guarded by Kane, gives in the basement which is the Underground's hideout. if Decker is dead, the basement is still open but there is nothing interesting inside.


The gambling area is similar to a casino but uses caps as currency.

  • The Maltese Falcon offers roulette and slots.
  • See the Gambling page for more general information on gambling.


  • In the Maltese Falcon, the Vault Dweller has several choices. They can do favors for Decker or they can gather evidence for the police. Decker's quests are both assassination missions in the Hub. Helping the cops leads to a large gunfight in his hideout under the bar. This is another instance, like Junktown, where you can be the cold blooded killer or the goodie two shoes.
  • The most profitable way to exploit this situation by not afraid of losing karma is to play both sides against the middle. To begin, you do Decker's two assassinations which are quite simple with an non-player character and a half decent weapon. Then you turn Decker in to the police (must pass speech check) and wipe out his gang. Fighting Decker is much harder because his right hand man, Kane uses brass knuckles to deadly efficiency and has lots of action points. So kill him first ! Your end bonus is several thousand caps and a lot of experience points.


The Maltese Falcon itself appears only in the first Fallout, although it also appears in Fallout 2 as the Café of Broken Dreams special encounter.

Behind the scenes

  • The name references the 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett.
  • In the very last text on the Fallout 2 credit, it's marked "May you find the Maltese Falcon", as a wink on the Maltese Falcon.


  1. Beth: "{151}{}{Sorry, it just reminds me of a friend that used to own it before him. Decker wanted it really bad, but my friend wouldn't sell. Two days later they found him dead in a back alley of Old Town.}"
    The Vault Dweller: "{152}{}{Why do you think Decker's responsible?}"
    Beth: "{155}{}{My friend was a clean freak. He wouldn't come within a hundred yards of Old Town. He was shot with a Magnum; no one in Old Town could afford one of those. Plus, he was shot once in the head and twice in the back. Does that sound like a robbery? My friend was just trying to get his life back.}"