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Malden Middle School
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Malden Middle School is a location in the Commonwealth.


The basement of Malden Middle school contains the entrance to Vault 75, a vault commissioned by the U.S. military to train the young inhabitants to become super soldiers, ready for battle at any notice. Gunners have since moved into the vault.[1]


The bombed out wall of the school leads straight into a classroom; there is a staircase against the southeastern wall that ascends to more classroom and a hall, which terminates at a boarded up door. In the northwest corner of the ground floor is a descending staircase leading into the basement, and the site of Vault 75.

Through the wooden double door is the basement, a concrete staircase (with a makeshift, plywood wheelchair ramp) leads to an elevated platform. On the eastern side of the platform, just past the stairway, is a boarded up single door. South of this, at the end of the ramp, are the skeletons of a person in a wheelchair and an man whom was presumably pushing the chair. In front of these corpses, is a section of concrete ceiling that collapsed. After the ceiling collapse is a turn in the platform, to the east (in the corner) is a barricaded double door, to the west are two crates piled at the corner of the railing. Continuing south is the end of the platform, two more crates are piled in the corner. Down the last flight of stairs is the end of the vehicle path, and the door to Vault 75.

The vehicle path itself starts at the northern end of the garage. It is blockaded by a forklift holding a shipping crate against the garage door. Just past this, on the ramp down, is a van. In the rear is a broken safe containing a human skull and a small baby bottle. Just in front of the van are three shipping crates and a still lit construction light. Another shipping crate is just to the east of these stacked containers, and a section of the western concrete wall, just past the stacked crates has collapsed, and a whole is the wall is exposed.

Directly in front of this, to the east at the corner of the platform, is two more stacked shipping containers. One of which has a Gunners symbol stenciled onto it. In front of these crates is several smaller crates and a still lit lamp, angled toward the vault door.

The vault door is the same model as the prefabricated vault design. The platform to the door is surrounded by small crates and three stacked small shipping containers against the wall to the north.


Despite the campus being a middle school it is referred to in the Vault 75 terminals as an elementary school.[2]


Malden Middle School appears only in Fallout 4.


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