Magician's tuxedo

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Magician's tuxedo
Magician'sTuxedo Apparel Fallout4(Nuka-World).png
EffectsReduces damage from humans by 15%
+1 Charisma
+1 Endurance
Base IDxx000000

The magician's tuxedo is an outfit in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka World.


This tuxedo is the trademark outfit of magician Oswald the Outrageous.


In addition to reducing damage from humans by 15%, this paint-splattered tuxedo increases Charisma and Endurance by 1, and provides 12 and 17 damage and energy resistance, respectively.


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  • The tuxedo is worn by Oswald the Outrageous, and can only be obtained by looting it from his corpse.