Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster terminals

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This page lists Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster terminals.

Souvenir Shop Terminal

Note: This wall terminal is located behind the counter in the entrance to the ride.


Property of the Nuka-Cola Corporation
Mad Mulligan's Souvenir Shop


This terminal is for Employees only.



Nuka-Cola Wild - 10 cases
Tickets - 5 rolls
Tokens - 10 rolls
Souvenir Magnets - 2 boxes
Souvenir Glasses - 3 boxes

Paper Towels - 1 case
Receipt Paper - 10 rolls
Pens - 2 boxes

Schedule Announcement


There will be no scheduled time off for this years upcoming Halloween celebration. All employees are expected to be available for at least one shift per day.

As a reminder, an additional shift of "midnight" will be added to the schedule. This does not mean you leave at midnight. It means we close at midnight. Closers may leave as late as 2:00 am.

- Management

Sam's Log - Entry 1


Nuka-Town's crawling with Raiders. Terry thought Dry Rock Gulch would be our best bet, so we've holed up in the mine cart ride. So far, there's not much in the way of reinforcements here. I hope the guys that ran for the Galactic Zone are having better luck.

Sam's Log - Entry 2


We can't afford to stay out front much longer. I can hear the screams of those who didn't make it. Colter's Raiders are close. We've gotta push further into the mine. Ricky doesn't think it's a good idea. Says he's hearing things moving around back there, but we gotta take that risk. We're dead for sure if we stay out here. At least back there, we might have a chance.