Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster

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Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster
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Map MarkerMad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster (local: Mad Mulligan's Mine)
Part ofDry Rock Gulch
QuestsHigh Noon at the Gulch
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TerminalsSouvenir Shop Terminal

Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster is an attractiong in the Dry Rock Gulch park of Nuka-World.


One of the premiere attractions of Nuka-World, Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster spanned the entirety of the Dry Rock Gulch and was unique in that it was world's first roller coaster to have a segment of the ride underground, lending to the effect that the passenger was actually riding a runaway minecart.[1] After Nuka-Town USA was sieged by raiders, several traders attempted to hide out in here, but ultimately succumbed to the bloodworms nesting in the basement.


This is a standard amusement dungeon, set up in a circle. The winding tunnels pass through a variety of expositions dedicated to mining for gold before coming to the bloodworm queen's nest. Continuing past this and the coaster tracks, a stairwell descends and returns one to the entrance via the chained giftshop.

Notable loot



Mad Mulligan's Minecart Coaster appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


  1. Nuka-World loading screen hints: "Mad Mulligan's Mine Cart Coaster was one of the world's first coasters to feature a section of the track underground, making the rider feel as though they were actually riding in an authentic runaway mining cart."