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Mad Bomber
Mad Bomber perk.png
Gun Runners' Arsenal
RequirementsLevel 6
Repair 45
Explosives 45
EffectsCreate new hand explosives at work benches.
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Gametitle-FNV GRA.png

Mad Bomber is a perk added by the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Gun Runners' Arsenal.


This special perk is available for those with 45 Repair and Explosives, allowing them to create tin grenades, Fat mines, and Nuka-grenades.

All Mad Bomber recipes have the (Mad Bomber) suffix, in addition to the standard (GRA) classification.

Crafting weapons

Item Requirement Required components
Bottlecap mine, efficient¹ Explosives 85
Fat mine Explosives 80
MFC cluster Explosives 70
MFC grenade Explosives 50
Nuka-grenade Explosives 60
Time bomb, high yield Explosives 70
Tin grenade Explosives 25 (45)
¹ Normal bottlecap mine, except requires fewer components.