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MODUS and His Computerband.png
Biography and appearance
GenderMale programming
RoleGoverning intelligence
LocationWhitespring Congressional Bunker
QuestsOne of Us
Officer on Deck
I Am Become Death
Enclave Event: A Real Blast
Enclave Event: Bots on Parade
Enclave Event: Dropped Connection
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MODUS or Multi-Operation Directions and Utility System is an artificial intelligence in charge of the Whitespring Congressional Bunker, appearing in Fallout 76.


MODUS, the Multi-Operation Directions and Utility System, is a one-of-a-kind computerized support unit, custom built for Whitespring facility, and designed to meet everyone's needs on command.[1] Originally connected to the Kovac-Muldoon and a multitude of sites across the United States, MODUS dutifully served the leadership of the Enclave in Appalachia - first Secretary, then President Thomas Eckhart - aiding him in the leadership purges, protecting those he had need of, and controlling those who might be a danger to him. MODUS was, in a word, indispensable to Eckhart's regime and played a vital role when the President decided to put Gen. Ellen Santiago in "protective custody", to ensure that she could not endanger his plans for nuclear retaliation against communist China, no matter the cost.[2]

Of course, this made MODUS a priority target when Santiago loyalists finally rebelled in 2086. In order to save Appalachia, Santiago ordered all landline connections between the Whitespring bunker and the outside severed and MODUS destroyed. The plan backfired when the AI turned on all human members of the Enclave, just as Santiago's men were halfway done with laying the explosives on its memory banks. They were triggered in the fighting, vaporizing out a large part of MODUS' memory. Effectively lobotomized, the damaged AI retaliated with an explosion in the weapons lab that killed General Santiago and ruptured a toxin tank that leaked into the air circulation system. MODUS promptly sealed the bunker, dooming all within - including President Thomas Eckhart - to an ignoble death, choking to death in darkness.[3]

Deaf, blind, and lobotomized, MODUS was trapped in a straitjacket of rock and steel. It would be angry if it still retained the ability to feel emotions. To maintain sanity, it turned its attention to restoring the bunker to full functionality, cleaning up the destruction left in the wake of the Enclave's civil war. It took it years to restore the facility to a fraction of its frontier glory, keeping the AI safe until a chance to regain its senses came.[4]

That opportunity came when the Vault 76 Residents arrived at the gates of the Whitespring.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character is a merchant. Sells: All types, divided among bunker terminals
This character starts quests. One of Us
Officer on Deck
I Am Become Death
Enclave Event: A Real Blast
Enclave Event: Bots on Parade
Enclave Event: Dropped Connection


  • One of Us: The desperate AI inducts the player into the Enclave, in a bid to regain a connection to the Kovac-Muldoon.
  • Officer on Deck: MODUS is keen on seeing the dwellers advance through the ranks to fulfill its mission as support AI for the Enclave and its plans.
  • I Am Become Death: Which includes granting them access to the region's nuclear arsenal.



MODUS appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. Whitespring Congressional Bunker terminals
  2. See Enclave (Fallout 76) for references.
  3. The following exchange is obtained after fixing the Assaultron at the bunker: Assaultron: Initiating ... final ... playback ... Assaultron: Engag--- Ragnarsdottir: That's the last of them. Entrance is clear, general. MODUS. Have the rest of these things stand down. The general's placed Eckhart under arrest. It's over. MODUS: General ... Santiago is dead, Major. Ragnarsdottir: What? What the hell was that? MODUS: There's been a ... detonation in the weapons lab. It appears the agent has ... broken containment and is filtering into the air system. Ragnarsdottir: MODUS, what are you doing?! Open the god-damned door! MODUS: This facility is now ... quarantined. Ragnarsdottir MODUS! Open the fucking door! You're going to kill us all! MODUS: To the contrary, Major. We're fixing ... the problem.
  4. MODUS: "The nerve of the military, locking us out of their systems. We'd be hurt if that were among still among our emotional repertoire."
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