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MDPL mass relay station
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MDPL Mass Relay Station loc.png
Map MarkerMDPL Mass Relay Station
FactionsLyons' Brotherhood of Steel (formerly)
Cell NamePS08NW
zPS08Interior (power substation)
ref id00000f63
0004363d (power substation)

The MDPL mass relay station is located south of Roosevelt Academy and east of Five Axles Rest Stop.


Once under the Brotherhood of Steel’s protection, this area now home to a small Raider scavenger team under Torcher’s leadership.[1] The Brotherhood's defaced emblems can still be spotted by an observant traveler.


The station was used as an outpost by the Brotherhood, thanks to the reinforced underground power substation. The above-ground area is surrounded by makeshift barriers, built around the power pylons and transformers, with the entrance to the substation located in the foundation, down a flight of stairs in the front.

The station itself consists of an entry corridor and an L-shaped main room, containing computer mainframes, chemistry sets, three beds (clean, newly made ones), and Torcher himself, assisted by two other raiders.

Notable loot


  • Directly to the east there is a marooned boat, inside there are two ammunition boxes and four crates. There are also two more boxes underwater, usually containing lead pipes.
  • In the rocky area to the south, beyond the docks and outhouse is a corpse pile consisting of a mercenary, a raider, two wastelanders, and a pair of skeletal remains. The area is roamed by several Yao Guai.


The MDPL mass relay station appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.101: "Once under the Brotherhood of Steel’s protection, this is now home to a small Raider scavenger team under Torcher’s leadership. Torcher is in the interior substation, and he’s armed with a Flamer to really cause you some problems."