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MDPL-13 power station
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Map MarkerMDPL-13 Power Station
Cell NamePowerPlant (exterior)
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0005559e (der. pw. pl.)
00052a67 (power subst.)
MDPL-13 Power Station Local Map.png

MDPL-13 power station is a derelict power plant at the heart of the Maryland electrical grid. This rundown building and its substation lie north of Minefield, and to the southwest of the Germantown police HQ.[1] It is a major landmark, visible from nearly every place in the Capital Wasteland, like the Washington Monument.


The exterior consists of the power station, with its distinctive three chimneys, and its substation, with the transformers, lying directly opposite. The power plant can be entered through the loading bay garage door or the main entrance. Both lead into the main hall, where the base of the three chimneys is located. The upper level is accessible via a catwalk at the back, and leads to a partially collapsed office. Apart from assorted loot, the Fisto! sits on the desk, waiting for a new owner.

The substation has only one entrance and consists of a single, large room with a switching board, safe, and a workbench. All the components for a Nuka-grenade are present.

Upon exiting either building, the Talon Company or Regulators may spawn. After Waters of Life, Enclave Vertibirds may drop off reinforcements in a nearby clearing.

Notable loot



The MDPL-13 power station appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.324:
    Substation Notes
    "Almost due north of the Minefield Water Tower [2.O] are two buildings with a group of power transformers between them. If you're being pursued (usually by a Deathclaw), use the rocky outcrop behind the substation to reach the roof. Otherwise, head into the Substation; amid the junk is a Work bench with a Bottlecap Mine and the listed items nearby. There's a terminal and floor safe too."
    Derelict Power Plant Notes
    "The main building here (with the map) is a large and broken-down power plant; the three chimneys make this one of the Northern Wasteland's most prominent landmarks. You can enter the facility via the garage or through the metal doors to the south. The doors are recommended, as there are turrets to deactivate, and the terminal is just through the doors."