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For an overview of machine gun models throughout the Fallout series, see Machine gun. For the M60 that appears in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, see M60 (Fallout Tactics).
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Damage & attacks
Damage18 - 26
Damage TypeNormal
Attack Modes
BurstAction pointsIcon action.png AP: 6
RangeIcon range.png Range: 35
Assault carbine extended magazines icon.png Burst size: 10 rounds
Ammo Type7.62mm
Value$ 3500
Prototype id00000387
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

The M60 is a big gun in Fallout 2.


The M60 is a gas-operated, air-cooled, belt-fed, automatic machine gun that fires from the open-bolt position. Chambered for 7.62mm rounds, its design was created using many concepts introduced during World War II, including manufacture from stamped metal sheets (allowing easy mass production), a pistol grip, stock, and a semi-bullpup design, where most of the weapon's action occupies the stock.[1] It is easily distinguished by its distinctive barrel shroud and barrel with integrated front post (a source of issues for gun crews, as replacing the barrel removes the calibration). It is a reliable, battle-proven design prized around the world. It saw extensive use by the United States and her allies in the latter half of the 20th century as a result.[2][3]


The M60 is essentially a poor-man's Bozar, though not without its highlights. It's the only Big Gun chambered in 7.62mm and has base damage higher than any miniguns found in the game. That makes it a lot more efficient than its rivals and a reasonable choice for those who prefer not to use the Bozar.

Weapon Ammo Performance vs. armor
None Leather jacket Leather armor Metal armor Combat armor Power armor Advanced power armor
FN FAL (night sight)

13.2 - 20.9

10.8 - 17.1

8.5 - 14.45

6.4 - 12

4.9 - 9.8

0 - 4.9

-1.65 - 2.2

FN FAL HPFA 7.62mm

12.1 - 24.2

9.9 - 19.8

7.65 - 17

5.6 - 14.4

4.2 - 11.9

-0.7 - 7

-2.2 - 3.85

M60 7.62mm

19.8 - 28.6

16.2 - 23.4

13.6 - 20.4

11.2 - 17.6

9.1 - 14.7

4.2 - 9.8

1.65 - 6.05


Non-player characters


  • The M60 fires bursts, but has an erroneous sound effect assignment: When shot, it uses the shotgun shot effect.


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