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For more information about the M48 Patton, see M48 Patton on Wikipedia.
M46 Patton
M46 tank.JPEG
Weapons90mm T54 anti-tank gun

.50 M2 machine gun

.30 M73 machine gun

The M48 Patton is a medium tank used by the United States Armed Forces during the early stages of the Cold War in the 20th century.


The M48 started its life as an upgrade of the M46 Patton and eventually developed into a new type of tank - one of the main medium tanks of the United States of the early stages of the Cold War (1949-1950s). Restricted primarily to United States service, its key upgrade was the replacing of the original power plant with the Continental AV1790-6 engine and General Motors CD-850-4A transmission and the 90mm M3A1 gun of the M46 Patton into the 90mm T54 gun, with later versions bearing the M41 90mm gun and M68 105mm gun. Its only known period of service was during the Vietnam War.[1]

The tank on the mural belonged to the 1st Marine Division deployed during the Vietnam War.


The M48 Patton appears in the mural at the Museum of Freedom in Fallout 4.