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Lyons' Pride
Lyons' Pride.png
Lyons' Pride insignia
LeadershipSentinel Sarah Lyons
Notable MembersSentinel Sarah Lyons
Knight Captain Colvin
Knight Captain Dusk
Knight Captain Irving Gallows
Paladin Glade
Paladin Kodiak
Paladin Vargas
Lone Wanderer
HeadquartersCitadel A-Ring, Lyons' Den
Relations and associations
ParentLyons' Brotherhood of Steel

Lyons' Pride was the elite tactical unit of Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel.[1][2][3]


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Main article: Battle of the GNR Outpost

The initial encounter with the Pride is when traveling on 42nd to the GNR building plaza to talk to Three Dog about where James, the Lone Wanderer's father is. They are heading to the GNR building to assist the brothers whom have been overrun by super mutants. The Lone Wanderer proceeds to join them, into the battle. The combined group heads into a mutant held school ruin, minus Jennings whom is lying dead on a mattress with SEC scattered around him. Rushing the building, they split up to flank the mutants within, meeting up at the end. This is where Colvin is ordered to take the high ground, being the squad's eyes, and inviting the Lone Wanderer to accompany him.

At the plaza the defenders of the outpost are in a stalemate with the mutant attackers. However once the Pride attacks them from the DIRECTION, they are quickly decimated. The tactical superiority and radio communications tipping the battle. The casualties of this battle include (other than Jennings and Reddin) a single paladin with a Fat Man. Once the fighting is concluded Sarah and ??? and Vargas and Reddin converse. With the concluding begin Reddin's fate, while celebrating by firing wildly into the air, well away from her squad, a Behemoth bashes through the coach. Killing her immediately. Lyons yelling to aquire said Fat Man, ordering the Pride to distract the Behemoth until the figurative artillery is brought into play, or the Behemoth is killed. Following the battle, Lyons consuls Vargas over Reddin's loss and can be conversed with once more.

Later, Sentinel Lyons makes the Lone Wanderer an honorary member before they trek to the Jefferson Memorial in a mission to restore the functions of Project Purity.

Their role in the Assault on Adams Air Force Base here


The Lyons' Pride badge differs slightly from the Brotherhood of Steel badge. Where the BoS badge has a winged sword with cog wheels around/behind the sword blade, the Lyons' Pride has a lion rampant imposed over the upper sword blade, inside the span of the wings, and no cog wheels.


The Lyons' Pride also has a special area reserved for them within the Citadel's A-Ring. "The Den" is where members of the Pride get some R&R. In addition to food stores, tables, and chairs, there are 4 cots in the back. Since the Pride has more than 4 members, and they don't seem to operate in shifts, it is likely that other bunk room, probably in A Ring, are also reserved for the Pride. B Ring holds the Barracks, which is likely where all non-Pride BoS soldiers sleep.


The squad's members are equipped with rifles, heavy weapons and T-45 power armor. The Pride functions as the Brotherhood's mobile shock troops, reinforcing points against concerted or sustained super mutant attack, and spearheading raids into Super Mutant-held territory.



The Lyons' Pride appears in Fallout 3 and in the Broken Steel add-on.

Behind the Scenes

  • Early in development, it was named the Lyons' Pride Platoon.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "What can you tell me about the Lyons' Pride?"
    Dusk: "We're the most elite tactical unit ever assembled in the Brotherhood of Steel, here or anywhere else. Hell, ain't nothin' Sarah's cubs can't handle."
    (Dusk's dialogue)
  2. Reddin: "You don't need to worry. We're the best outfit in the whole Brotherhood of Steel. Just watch what we do to these Uglies."
    (Reddin's dialogue)
  3. The Lone Wanderer: "Who are the members of the Brotherhood?"
    Elizabeth Jameson: "Elder Lyons leads us. Star Paladin Cross is his seneschal. Sentinel Lyons', the Elder's daughter, commands the Lyons' Pride, our elite combat squad. The Paladins lead the Knights. The Knights are the core of the Brotherhood they scour the Wastes to eliminate evil and recover technology. Scribe Rothchild oversees the Scribes in their duties to seek knowledge and restore the technology the Brotherhood has acquired."
    (Elizabeth Jameson's dialogue)
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