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Lunchboxes are a rare bonus item available in Fallout Shelter as rewards for completing objectives and as a purchasable option in the game.


When opened, a lunchbox provides five Fallout Shelter cards at random (of which at least one card is guaranteed to be rare or better):

Earning lunchboxes

Lunchboxes can be acquired in four ways:

  • Reward for completing certain objectives.
  • Reward for completing certain quests.
  • Special promotions (i.e. commemorating the launch of Far Harbor).
  • In-app purchases.


Lunchboxes are an in-game purchase option for the game. They are not necessary for playing, but can provide a great boost. Lunchbox prices are typically discounted during certain holiday seasons or for other promotional purposes.

Quantity Price Per unit
1 $0.99 $0.99
5 $3.99 $0.80
15 $9.99 $0.67
40 $19.99 $0.50