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Biography and appearance
RoleGhostly attraction
LocationGrandchester Mystery Mansion
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Lucy Grandchester is a character appearing in Nuka World.


Lucy Grandchester is the centerpiece of an old school haunted mansion, the Grandchester Mystery Mansion. The Mansion was a terrifyingly popular attraction in its heyday, built just outside the Nuka-World theme park to take advantage of the increased amount of traffic.[1] As the fiction of the Mansion goes, Lucy, was possessed by demons to commit disturbing acts, and the measures to which the family went to exorcise these demons... until Lucy murdered her parents and then, after spending time in an asylum and escaping on her eighteenth birthday, committed suicide shortly thereafter.

Story of Lucy Grandchester

The following section details the narrative voiceover delivered in the Grandchester Mansion through loudspeakers. The entire story is punctuated by scripted appearances of Lucy.


The story of the Grandchester Mystery Mansion begins with Morticia and Hannibal Grandchester.

Morticia nearly dies giving birth to their only child, Lucy. Hannibal never wanted a child, and resents the young girl for the near death of his wife.

Reading room:

As a young child, Lucy proves difficult for her elderly parents. In this very room her mother read her stories by Shelley and Poe, and histories of the Borgias.

With no friends to speak of, she would capture small animals to play with. Their skins were found nailed to the undersides of the furniture.


Morticia was soon convinced her daughter was possessed. Hannibal was certain he could beat the evil out of her. Moritica complained every morning of ghostly chills afflicting her in this very hall.

Taking the advice of her psychic, she persuaded Hannibal to build fireplaces to drive the spirits from it.

Dining room:

Morticia's psychic insisted that Lucy could be saved by driving out her evil spirts. Rooms such as this one were built to confuse the spirits, making it more difficult for them to find Lucy.

One morning Hannibal came in here to find a doll that looked suspiciously like him swinging from a noose.


Hannibal's favorite cook quit when Lucy put mice in the stew. This is also where Lucy first attempted to kill her parents by poisoning the dessert.

Hannibal walked with a cane after that. Lucy quickly learned to stay out of range of his swing.


As we pass back through the parlor, notice the stairway going nowhere. This was yet another attempt by Morticia to confuse the evil spirits possessing her daughter.

Seance room:

Madam Scarlotta conducted seances in this room for Morticia in an attempt to drive the evil spirits from her daughter. Lucy would sit in the room above this one and knock on the ceiling during seances. Madam Scarlotta once accused the little girl of trying to push her down the stairs.

There is no need to be scared. Modern science has proven that ghosts are not real and seances are fake. When the Grandchester Mystery Mansion was sold at auction, several trick candles where found here.

Upstairs hallway:

In this room you will see the collected artifacts from Lucy Grandchester's short time on this earth. Replicas of these items may be purchased in the souvenir shop.

What child would not want to play with a toy boning knife like the one Lucy used to skin small animals? For adults, functional replicas are available.

Lucy's bedroom:

After impaling his foot on a rusty spike that was mysteriously driven into his shoe, Hannibal came to Lucy's room to punish her for the prank. We'll never know for sure how it happened, but he was found with a pair of scissors driven through his eye and into his brain.

Lucy claimed she was holding them in self defense as he tried to beat her with his cane. She said he tripped and fell onto the scissors.

When asked why his fingers had all been cut off, she replied that it was so he couldn't hold the cane again.

Lucy's mother was found dead in the master bedroom with a cloth doll stuffed in her mouth. Her wrists had rope burns, but no ropes were ever found. Lucy insisted that the doll was solely responsible because Morticia wouldn't give her a kiss goodnight.

Lucy was committed to an asylum. On her eighteenth birthday she escaped. Nine days later she was found hanging in the attic, dead from an apparent suicide.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character provides miscellaneous services.

Lucy appears throughout the mansion is a child non-player character, used to represent the mansion's ghost. She cannot be targeted at all and is removed by script after she plays out her scene.


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Lucy Grandchester appears only in Nuka World.

  1. Nuka-World loading screen hints: "The Grandchester Mystery Mansion was an opportunistic tourist trap that was built near Nuka-World purely to take advantage of the amount of traffic the huge parks were generating."