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Lucky Jim mine
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Map MarkerLucky Jim Mine
Cell NameSLLuckyJimMine (exterior)
SLLuckyJimMineHouseINT (interior)
ref id000deaa2 (exterior)
00154bd4 (interior)

The Lucky Jim mine is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is located north of Ranger Station Echo.


The entrance to the mine is caved in, but the Lucky Jim mine house is accessible. The house contains a workbench and a copy of Lying, Congressional Style on the bottom shelf in the back left corner. There is also hollowed-out rock touching the south-west corner of the house, containing random loot.

Notable loot

Sourcebox default.pngThe following is based on the JSawyer mod and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • If JSawyer.esp is loaded, Tribal Pack item can be found here.
Sourcebox default.pngEnd of information based on the JSawyer mod.


  • When leaving you may encounter fire gecko coming from your left on the bottom of the cliff by the shack. They will attack the legionaries nearby providing you haven't killed them.


Lucky Jim mine appears in Fallout: New Vegas.