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Lucky Hole Mine
F76 Lucky Hole Mine 1.pngF76 Lucky Hole Mine 5.png
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Part ofSavage Divide
FactionsCult of the Mothman(formerly)
  • Mole miners
  • Technical
  • Dungeon
  • Clearable
  • Dungeon
  • Fast travel destination
  • Outdoors theme
  • Responder Eyebot spawn
  • Savage Divide location
  • Large loot scale
  • Interior cell
  • TerminalsLucky Hole Mine terminals

    Lucky Hole Mine is a location in Fallout 76.


    On the surface, it's an innocuous, abandoned lead mine used by smugglers before the Great War. However, Lucky Hole mine contains a dark secret. Before the Great War, the miners were scared away by a group of strange people demanding to delve into the depths of the mine in search of mysteries. When the foreman and the rest of the miners left, giving the strange folk free reign over the mine as long as they stayed away,[1] the cultists wasted no time in excavating the tunnels and unearthing traces of an antediluvian civilization: Cyclopean statues and... Something else. They quickly turned the mine into a secret chapel to the Father of the Wood, as they called the dark presence that whispered into their ears.[2]

    Points of interest

    • The Lucky Hole mine is innocuous enough outside. Just three abandoned huts with makeshift bedding, a quonset hut covering the entrance to the mine and assorted machinery. The real fun begins inside the mine.
    • The mine opens into a staging area, which includes a bed and a cooking station up the stairs, a power armor in the storage room below, and the locker rooms with the usual mining loot. Further down the corridor, strange things begin to happen. The corridor leads to a junction, with corridors branching off left and right. The left-hand corridor is obstructed by a security door closed from the other side, so players need to pass through the right-hand tunnel. The winding tunnel eventually leads to another junction. The southerly direction leads to a mining corridor that terminates in a passageway that leads eastwards, into the dark chapel. The "altar" consists of a podium and a coffin that, apparently, contains the corpse of the cult's priestess. Behind it is a large statue sitting in the middle of a small basin of water... In front of a cyclopean statue, buried in the stone and covered with the rot of a myriad centuries.
    • The area behind the waterfall, visible if the player climbs up the stones, is accessible via the small tunnel that leads away from the chapel, the first on the right when backtracking through it. The hidden corridor that leads to the chemistry laboratory and the location's steamer trunk is obscured by vines and is located on the right (hugging the wall helps fall into it).
    • The real mystery of the mine is found down another secret tunnel, which leads from the one leading to the chem lab. It's completely obscured by vines and leads to what appears to be a burial chamber, with an eldritch monstrosity laid before five monstrous statues... And traces of a ritual sacrifice committed with a sickle.
    • Now, backtracking through the narrow corridor, there's a locked security door inside. The code is 238963 and can be found in the Smuggler's Stash note in the hut outside the mine, nearest to the entrance. There are several duffle bags of pre-war money and some shotgun ammo.

    Notable loot

    Potential bobbleheads
    • On the bottom lip of the chalkboard, in the hidden chem laboratory inside the mine.
    • On the metal table with the beakers, right of the chalkboard, in the hidden chem laboratory inside the mine.
    • On the mainframe computer bank with the large blue cylinder behind it, right of the trunk, in the hidden chem laboratory.
    Potential magazine
    • On the lectern at the main cultist altar with the pews, in the dead-end tunnel at the end of the mine (interior).
    Potential power armor
    • Inside the blocked storage area inside the main. To bypass the chains, navigate around and drop down from the gap above (look for a sleeping bag).
    Notes and holotapes
    • Smuggler's Stash: The note is inside one of the exterior surface huts.
    • He Agrees: The note is on the desk in the mine staging area.
    • The Chosen: The holotape is by the bed, upstairs in the mine staging area.
    • His Springs: The note is next to the a sunken pit of dirty water is on the right after the first junction.
    • His Home: The note is next to a totem surrounded by door mats, a candle, and a lantern, just beyond the pit of dirty water and first junction.
    • His Birth: The note is behind a totem, right at the first junction, then left. The totem is surrounded by candles.
    • His Blood: The note is by the entrance near the chapel, next to a bowl.
    • His Priestess: The note is on the coffin.
    Other Loot
    • Potential Fusion Core inside fusion generator outside.
    • Lucky Hole Key: The key is inside the altar podium.
    • Ritual Bindings: The clothing is inside a pushcart in the hidden chamber.
    • Ritual Mask: The mask is inside the hidden chamber.
    • Numerous lead and crystal veins can be found inside
    • Decent amount of bone shards from antlers on ceiling outside of the Interloper room and from Cultist Gear
    • Glass from numerous specimen jars

    Behind the scenes

    • The assets for the Lovecraftian creature are named Gutpuker in the game's files. Unlike most static decorations, they are placed in the actors folder, indicating that it was, at one point, an animated monster.
    Dynamic spawns


    Lucky Hole Mine appears in Fallout 76.


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    2. See notes and holotapes.