Luck Implant

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Luck Implant
Fallout: New Vegas
Requirements4000 caps
Effects+1 to Luck
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Luck Implant is a Fallout: New Vegas perk.


The Probability Calculator can be bought from Doctor Usanagi at the New Vegas Medical Clinic for 4,000 caps. It is designed to aid the general Luck of the person it's installed in.


With the Probability Calculator, once implanted to the user's frontal lobe, the implanted user will have an easier time calculating odds[1] adding +1 to luck.

Behind the scenes

  • In the perk icon, Vault Boy is holding an Ace-high Straight Flush, better known as a 'Royal Flush', the highest-ranking hand in Poker. The odds of getting a Royal Flush in a five-card stud are 0.000001539%, or 649,740-to-1 against.

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  1. "If I implant the Probability Calculator in your frontal lobe, you'll be able to calculate odds a little better." - Dr. Usanagi