Lost Soul

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Lost Soul
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Quest data
Given ByCarrington
Reward100-300 caps
Chance for a random item
Editor IDRRR09
Base ID00000000
Related quests
The Nuclear Option (Railroad)
leads to:

High Ground is a Railroad repeatable radiant quest in Fallout 4.


Although the Railroad teleported most synths out of the Institute to safety, the teleporter hijacked by Tinker Tom teleported a number of synths and refugees all over the Commonwealth. The Survivor is asked to get to them before any Commonwealth bigots do and direct them to Bunker Hill with a care package in tow.


  • The quest is available after destroying the Institute for the Railroad. The player is asked to locate a synth lost on the way out and hand them the package, so that they can come to Bunker Hill for processing by Old Man Stockton and then directed to a Railroad safehouse, potentially the Mercer Safehouse, wherever it was set up.
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