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Los Angeles Vault
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The Vault's entrance
Command Center
Nuclear Warhead Storage
QuestsDestroy the Mutant leader.
TerminalsAtomic Access Computer

Within a dark and forbidding Vault, where the walls dripped with human flesh, and the screaming of dying echoed through the halls, I found many evil creatures and mutants.

Vault Dweller's memoirs

The Los Angeles Vault is a demonstration Vault constructed by the Vault-Tec Corporation. Successfully used during the Great War, it eventually became the lair of the Master, hidden beneath the Cathedral in the Boneyard.


The Los Angeles Vault, built as a proof of concept, stood the test of time. Sealed when the Great War hit, it was opened fifteen years later in 2092. Its inhabitants settled the Boneyard and eventually founded Adytum.[1]

A number of dwellers remained in the Vault as late as 2155. When the Master formed the Unity and began scouring the lands for subjects for use in dipping, his forces captured a caravan of dwellers from this Vault. The Master realized that the Vault's residents were perfect for dipping due to their minimal exposure to the background radiation left over from the Great War. The super mutants began to search the region for other Vaults as the Master established his base of operations within the Vault and had the Cathedral constructed above it.[1]

The Vault was eventually infiltrated and destroyed in 2162, when the Vault Dweller killed the Master and detonated a nuclear bomb located in the facility.[2]




The Los Angeles Vault is accessed through a hidden wall located in the crypt of the Cathedral. The cave beyond is guarded by Master's minions, from the hideous floater, through the horrifying centaur, to the mighty super mutants standing guard in front of the Vault's entrance. Kyle is in charge of clearing those wishing to enter the Vault, while Jeremiah acts as a courier, delivering human purity reports to the Master. Children are not allowed to bring weapons into the Vault.

The Vault itself, being a proof of concept, carries notable differences from the standard design that can be seen in other Vaults in the region. It has a smaller airlock, the elevator hall and the foyer are a single room, and the clinic features an additional window and sink.

The computer in the foyer can be hacked using Science to locate Mariposa Military Base. Doing so nets 2000 experience points regardless of whether it was known beforehand or not.

Loot in Entrance



The second level houses the living quarters, and has more differences in design. The northern half of the living quarters is occupied by a large bunk room, a chapel (with black-and-white monitors), and a small room where the psykers, survivors of the Master's psionic research program, live. Gideon, one of the psykers, may provide the player with a psychic nullifier.

The southern half of the living quarters features a laboratory where Vincent watches over mad scientists, as they pursue their goals of using FEV to unlock human potential. Their quarters are located to the eastern side and holding cells for test subjects are to the south. The subjects can be released, but the metal collars they wear will detonate before they get very far. Doing so is worth 1000 experience, as it is considered merciful.

Loot in Level 2

Command Center

Command Center

The third level, the command center, also differs markedly in design. Where a meeting room would normally be located is a large robot bay with a four Mr Handys and three Floating Eyes. The storage room and armory are a single room, connecting directly into the command center and security hub. The Master resides in the Overseer's chamber, accessed through a door in the command center. The corridor leading to him is filled with the Master's psionic aura, triggering horrifying hallucinations and injuries to all who dare enter without a psychic nullifier.[3] The library and computer room are absent, replaced by barracks.

The command center is staffed by Children of the Cathedral technicians, with an elite nightkin detachment under Viscious providing security for all inhabitants.

Loot in the Command Center

Nuclear Warhead Storage

Nuclear Warhead Storage

The lowest level of the Vault, accessed through the elevator in the barracks, holds the Master's weapon of last resort. Watched over by two super mutant sergeants, the nuclear bomb sits in its cradle, connected to an activation console. It can only be activated with the Lieutenant's key, although a genius hacker may find a way to circumvent the hardware protection.


There are three basic types of inhabitants in the Vault: Super mutants, Children technicians, and mad scientists. Psykers are exceptional, unique characters.

Unique, named inhabitants include:



The Los Angeles Vault appears in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout Bible.


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