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Los Angeles Public Library
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Map MarkerLibrary
Part ofBoneyard
FactionsFollowers of the Apocalypse
QuestsFind Children spy in the Followers.

The Los Angeles Public Library is the headquarters of the Followers of the Apocalypse and landmark of the Boneyard in 2161.


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The former Los Angeles Public Library lies in Culver City, on the opposite end, home to the Followers of the Apocalypse, a peaceful community that migrated into the city sometime before 2161 and settled in the library, dedicating themselves to spreading enlightenment and preventing war. By 2281, they established a Medical University within city limits and are single-mindedly dedicated to spreading knowledge across the wastes.


The main building is the Los Angeles Public Library, it is surrounded by blasted earth and sections of building walls. In the top left corner of the map is the ruin of Chris Avellone. This building contains two rooms, the entrance with the only door and a back room. There is nothing of note in these rooms except for Chris Avellone standing in front of the doorway to the rear room and in the rear room his two Thugs. Outside the ruin is an empty newspaper machine. At one time it looks like it held adult magazines.

The library has one floor and a basement. The entrance of the building has two doors each flanked on the exterior edges by two followers Emblems. The main entrance leads to the main library, which extends to the rear of the building and acts as the main hall. Katja stands in the left corner of the front section of this room. To the right of the main library is an side library, there are two entrances to this room, one at the end of the main library and the other at the beginning. It contains a table of stuff in the bottom right corner. In the top right corner is the stairs to the basement.

At the end of the main library is the kitchen, it contains a refrigerator, bookshelf, table and two chairs. Below this is the medical room, it contains a makeshift bed, a sink, a rusty table, two training mats, and an Ice Chest with 6 Stimpaks and 6 Rad-X by the doorway to the main library. The left wall of the room is gone, a gaping hole leads to the rear exit hallway. at the end of this hallway is a storage room. it has tow doorways, one to the rear hallway, the other to the main library. It contains 2 Ice chests, a desk, a locker and three robes.

In the bottom left corner of the building is a large room with tow tables, one a wooden end table the other a large metal table with four chairs, in the top right corner is a pile of boxes, while in the bottom corner on the floor is a Guns and Bullets. In the top left corner of the room is the doorway to the side hallway and exit. The side exit is right at the corner next to the table room, however the hallway extends, empty to the end of the building.

The stairway of the basement is in the top right corner, the room it exits to is a library. This library room extends the entirety of the right side of the basement. In between the last two rows of bookshelves is Talius, behind the last row, in the right bottom corner is a makeshift bed and a bookshelf. In the center of the basement, and part of the library section, s a cluster of three large tables and two tipes of chairs. Below this is two rooms, the one on the right contains a small round table and two chairs, and is only accessible from the right side. The central room contains a solitary table on the right wall with the interior window, it has a solitary chair. The room in the bottom left corner has a large table with four chairs around it. Thr room on the left wall has a small round table and two chairs. The room in the top left corner has a bed, large table against the upper wall and a chair against it, and a bookshelf against the right wall. The top central room has a bed chair bookshelf and Ice Chest with 3 knives. The two left corner rooms have no windows all others have interior windows.


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Notable loot

Notable loot
First floor
  • 3 knifes in the Ice Chest

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Los Angeles Public Library appears only in Fallout.