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Lorenzo Cabot
Lorenzo Cabot.png
Biography and appearance
Hair StyleSlick 'n sleazy (hair)
Doomsday prepped (beard)
Hair ColorGray
Eye ColorLight brown
AffiliationCabot family
LocationParsons State Insane Asylum
Cabot House
FamilyWilhelmina Cabot (wife)
Emogene Cabot (daughter)
Jack Cabot (son)
Dialogue FileLorenzo Cabot's dialogue
QuestsThe Secret of Cabot House
Combat StylecsLorenzoCabot
assistanceHelps allies
Tag SkillsCitizen
Editor RaceHumanRace
Editor IDLorenzoCabot
Base ID00047dc5Ref ID00047ec6
Editor FactionsCaboutHouseMasterBedroomFaction
ActorRichard Cansino

My powers have grown, Jack. The artifact still has so much to teach me. Once I am free, I will be happy to teach you, too.

Lorenzo Cabot is an archaeologist, explorer, and patriarch of the Cabot family in Fallout 4/


The imprisoned patriarch of the Cabot Clan, Lorenzo is a former daredevil adventurer and explorer, who constantly sought to push back the boundaries of the unknown. Due to his research, he believed that all of the earliest human civilizations shared some common parent that was unknown to history. In an 1894 expedition he found was he was looking for - Ubar, a lost city, buried beneath the sands of the Empty Quarter of the Arabian desert.[1] He excavated a city which he dated to more than 4,000 years before the rise of any known human civilization. The structures and artifacts were... strange. Disturbing, even.[2] Excavating between March and May, against hostile weather and ever more panicked diggers, Lorenzo managed to uncover buildings made of cyclopean stone blocks and discovered a sarcophagus with the remains of an ancient creature surrounded by jewelry and other strange, alien artifacts. Lorenzo removed a single one, a crown, then ordered the tomb sealed up to prevent looting. That night, he put the crown on his head, forever changing his life and that of his family. The dig site was buried to preserve it for his return, against the protests of Metternich, and Lorenzo returned to the United States.[3]

The discovery of Ubar would have vindicated him in the eyes of his peers, who ridiculed him and his search for years. By 1894 he was widely regarded as a quack and pseudo-scientist, even by his own son, Jack Cabot.[4] Though he had the means to restore his reputation, Lorenzo did not publish his findings and never made another expedition to Ubar despite his initial plans.[5] The experimentation with the crown was the primary reason. He inadvertently caused it to fuse with his nervous system by extended use. In return, he gained various seemingly paranormal powers... and became increasingly irrational and violent, culminating in paranoia and homicidal rage. After a crime streak that surely would have put him on death row, he was finally apprehended.[6]

To protect themselves and the public from him and him from himself, the Cabot clan elected to indefinitely confine him at Parsons State Insane Asylum in 1898,[7] using their influence to shield him from a death sentence.[8] In the course of Jack's attempts to cure him, he discovered that the artifact had introduced anomalies into his blood. The source of his insanity became the basis of a longevity serum that have prolonged all our lives.[9] The same substance was also responsible for making Lorenzo such a threat. Anyone could handle an elderly man in an asylum, but an elderly man with enhanced strength, resistance to most kinds of physical damage, and local telekinesis projected by the artifact itself? That was too much. Kept under a dampening field, Lorenzo was in isolation for centuries as his son tried to find a cure for his father's madness in vain.[10][11]

Convinced that his psychosis could be treated by removing the artifact Jack attempted countless treatments to remove it - only to discover that it fused too tightly with his nervous system.[12] Nevertheless he keeps trying, enjoying the long life afforded his family at the patriarch's expense.[13] After centuries of imprisonment and deterioration, Lorenzo became obsessed with one thing: Vengeance against his so-called family, following release from his bondage.[14]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

The Secret of Cabot House


  • The Secret of Cabot House: Lorenzo is the ultimate adversary or ally, depending on the choice made when confronting him in the seclusion chamber. If siding with Jack, Lorenzo is killed and his clothes and artifact can be pilfered freely.


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Lorenzo's crown
Lorenzo's suit
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Carried items
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Drops on death


Lorenzo Cabot appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Jack Cabot: "He believed that all of the earliest human civilizations shared some common parent that was unknown to history. Think of Atlantis - the myth of an advanced civilization destroyed by a cataclysm is shared by many widely separated ancient cultures. Eventually, he found was he was looking for - a lost city, buried beneath the sands of the Empty Quarter of the Arabian desert."
  2. Jack Cabot: "My father excavated a city in the Rub'al Khali in Arabia which he dated to more than 4,000 years before the rise of any known human civilization. The structures and artifacts were... strange. Disturbing, even. Clearly not constructed for or by humans. I've spent my life trying to decipher what he uncovered."
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  4. Jack Cabot: "Yes. He spent years looking, and was widely ridiculed by the so-called experts. I'm ashamed to say even I doubted him. But in the end he found it: a lost city, buried in the sands of the Rub'al Khali, the Empty Quarter of Arabia."
  5. Jack Cabot: "You wouldn't have. My father only made one expedition to the lost city, and his findings were never published. The clues were all there, scattered amongst the earliest civilizations... but he was the only one to understand what they meant. He followed them into the Empty Quarter of Arabia, to the nameless city buried in the sand like the mythical Atlantis beneath the waves..."
  6. Jack Cabot: ""His crimes, back when he was free... It was only because of my family's influence that he ended up here rather than on Death Row. The world now... it's a world made for monsters. Nothing could have stopped him."
  7. Lorenzo Cabot: "My loving son trapped me here in the year of our lord 1898... so almost 400 years."
    (Lorenzo Cabot's dialogue)
  8. Jack Cabot: "My father, Lorenzo Cabot, is... confined in Parsons. He became dangerously unstable after handling an artifact he found on an archaeological dig in Arabia. He gained various seemingly paranormal powers... as well as becoming increasingly irrational and violent. In the end, I had no choice but to confine him - for his own safety as well as ours."
  9. Jack Cabot: "In the course of my attempts to cure him, I discovered that the artifact had introduced... anomalies into his blood. So, the source of his insanity is also the basis of the treatments that have prolonged all our lives. The irony isn't lost on me. But if he were to escape from Parsons, I would lose my father forever. I will not allow that to happen. Not to mention that the artifact has made him paranoid, homicidally violent, and endowed with extraordinary abilities."
  10. Jack Cabot: "The main benefit of the serum is to halt aging. My family and I are all over 400 years old. But it also confers other... side effects, especially in the undiluted form that the raiders stole"
  11. Jack Cabot: "Enhanced strength. Unusual resistance to most kinds of physical damage. Oh, and a kind of local telekinesis, which appears to be projected by the artifact itself. That's why I've built a dampening field into his cell. Which is why we really need to stop these intruders before they turn it off."
  12. Jack Cabot: "It's the artifact that's made Lorenzo so dangerous. I'm sure his psychosis would be cured if it could be removed. But so far, all my attempts have failed. It's fused too tightly with his nervous system."
  13. Jack Cabot: "I'm well aware of the apparent conflict of interest in my father being the source of the treatment that is prolonging my own life. But I assure you that if I had the chance, I would gladly give it all up to have my father back, even for a short time."
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