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Lorenzo's artifact
Fo4 Lorenzos Artifact.png
Damage25+10 (base)
200% crit. dam multiplier
Damage TypeBallistic/radiation
Ammo TypeGamma round
Ammo Cap.8
Attack Rate6.66 rps
Small dish: 32.9 m (107.94 ft)
Large dish: 58.49 m (191.9 ft)
-50% damage out of range
AP cost30
Weapon Modification
SlotsDish, Grip, Muzzle
Weapon Versions
Base ID00000000

Lorenzo's artifact is a unique weapon in Fallout 4.


An unique Gamma gun that features Lorenzo Cabot's Ubar artifact attached in place of the barrel.


This gun is a normal gamma gun, however it has Lorenzo's Artifact attached to it. When this gun is fired, it shows an, "invisible" gamma gun fire effect. When this effect reaches either the ground, an enemy, or a random time in mid-air, a stagger effect will be applied. This also applies to the player, as firing to the ground causes the player to stagger as if they were hit by an Unarmed attack.


The normal gamma gun mods are available for this weapon. The deep dish mod will replace Lorenzo's Artifact. If the player finds a Poisoner's Gamma Gun, either by spawning a gamma gun in and applying the legendary effect via console commands, or simply finds it, with Science! rank 3, the player can attach the Electrical Signal Antennae, and attach the Lorenzo's Artifact mod to the Poisoner's Gamma Gun, the player can theoretically make a gun that deals all four damage types: Ballistic, because of the artifact, Energy, because of the electric mod, Poison, because of the Poisoner's legendary effect, and a small dose of radiation.


Name Damage Fire rate Range Weight Value Cost Perks required
Standard -10% AP cost 9 x Base +2.5% Adhesive 1
Plastic 5
Screw 3
Steel 5
Deep +50 radiation damage +10% AP cost

+3% iron sights transition

16 x Base +50% +50% Adhesive 2
Aluminum 10
Plastic 10
Screw 6
Science! 3
Zeta wave Stuns Lorenzo for 15 sec -10% AP cost 9 x Base +2.5% +2.5% Cannot be crafted
Lorenzo's artifact +25 ballistic damage (impact)

Major push

+10% AP cost

+3% iron sights transition

16 x Base +50% +400%


Name Fire rate Accuracy Weight Value Cost Perks required
Standard -10% AP cost 0 +2.5% +2.5% Adhesive 1
Plastic 2
Screw 2
Steel 2
Sharpshooter's -15% AP cost +15% (hip fire)

-15% recoil

+10% +25% Adhesive 2
Aluminum 4
Fiberglass 4
Screw 3


Name Effects Fire rate Weight Value Cost Perks required
Electric signal carrier antennae +40 Energy damage +30% AP cost +10% +20% Adhesive 5
Aluminum 10
Fiberglass 10
Screw 6
Science! 3
Signal repeater Fully automatic fire +10% +40% Adhesive 5
Aluminum 10
Fiberglass 10
Screw 6
Science! 4


  • Parsons State Insane Asylum: The Secret of Cabot House Reward. This gun can be earned by siding with Jack Cabot, killing Lorenzo, waiting an in-game week, returning to Jack in the Asylum when the Miscellaneous quest, "Talk to Jack about the artifact" is selected. After a brief conversation you will get this gun. This can also be earned by siding with Lorenzo, however, if you want the Mysterious Serum and the unique gamma gun, you need to be nice to Lorenzo throughout your encounter with him.