Longfellow's cabin

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Longfellow's cabin
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Longfellow's cabin is the homestead of Old Longfellow of the coast of Mount Desert Island in 2287.


A small cabin just off the coast of Far Harbor, this small island is Old Longfellow's home, where he sails when he wants some peace and quiet.

Settlement information

It can be unlocked as a workshop settlement by completing Walk in the Park with Old Longfellow. The entire island counts as the settlement, and there are loads of dead trees to provide wood. The island also has lots of arable land for crops, plenty of room for new buildings, and open water for large scale water production.


The island is decently sized and has a cozy cabin in the center. Just beyond the front porch is a cooking station, and behind the cabin in a shed containing the settlement workshop, a power armor station, and a weapons workbench.


Longfellow's cabin appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.