Lizzy Taggerdy

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Lizzy Taggerdy
Photo taggerdysthunders d.png
Third from the right
Biography and appearance
AffiliationUnited States Army, Taggerdy's Thunder
Brotherhood of Steel
RoleCommanding officer
RankLieutenant (Army)
Paladin (Brotherhood)
Editor IDBoSLizzyTaggerdy

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Taggerdy was the commander of the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, featuring in Fallout 76.


Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy was a veteran of the Sino-American War and the commander of a US Army Ranger unit, called Taggerdy's Thunders, known for her aggressive and unconventional tactics. During her service, she served under Captain Roger Maxson. Although her unit was detached from his command, the two became close friends, which made Maxson's declaration of secession at Mariposa all the more painful.[1] However, Lieutenant Taggerdy did not let her feelings get in the way of her job as a soldier and focused on her job as a Ranger. This included participation in war games organized in Appalachia in October 2077, leading the Thunder against a unit of United States Marines. As usual, Taggerdy planned for a hard and fast attack, hugging the edge of the exercise area and striking where the Marines were least expecting it. She never got the chance to execute that strategy, as the Thunders were surprised by the Great War. After first dismissing the attacks as part of the simulation, the nuclear warheads that struck Appalachia soon revealed that war came home.[2]

With the chain of command in tatters and nothing but static on the radio, they attempted to raise any kind of ranking officer to receive new orders and move forward through the desolation of the nuclear war. What Taggerdy didn't expect to find on the radio bands was Captain Roger Maxson, looking for someone in Appalachia. Although she was hesitant about speaking to a confessed traitor, her friendship made her decide to give Maxson a chance. The fact that the U.S. Army apparently disappeared in nuclear fire overnight played a key role in the decision.[3] Together with her unit, Taggerdy moved to Camp Venture, an old survival training camp, where they spent the dark winter of 2077.[4] Soon after, she ordered the camp reactivated to fill out the ranks of the Thunder.[5] Due to the strict requirements posed by the drill master, only four recruits made it through to the end of training and became members of the Thunder. However, they were far from the only ones and soon recruits started appearing at the Camp in numbers, primarily former soldiers looking for a way out.[6]

Brotherhood of Steel

As they continued their talks over the radio, eventually Maxson involved Taggerdy and her men in the foundation of the Brotherhood of Steel, promising her and her men a new beginning.[7] Although Taggerdy was skeptical, Maxson outlined his plan to give her and her men a new identity as members of the Brotherhood, both as a way to return meaning to their lives and combat the overwhelming depression that threatened to take what few survivors made it through the nuclear fire and to immunize them to the authority of any politicians that might emerge from the Vaults (or in Appalachia's case, the Whitespring Congressional Bunker) and set fire to the world again. Taggerdy accepted the new orders without believing in them at first.[8]

However skeptical she was, Taggerdy grew into the role and the organization over time, as Paladin Taggerdy, head of the Appalachian Brotherhood. Under her leadership, the Brotherhood worked closely with the Responders to rebuild civilization in Appalachia, with their cooperation culminating in the Battle of Huntersville, where Taggerdy delivered her seminal speech to the assembled troops of the Brotherhood and the Responders in May 2086.[9] Taggerdy's leadership, though strained due to her preference and bias towards soldiers and people with a military background, carried the battle and confirmed Maxson's view that the Brotherhood could be the catalyst for something greater than the pre-War world.[10]


Although they were riding high, problems started soon after. The mutated bats that seemed to be a figure of myth - or tricks the night played on the watchmen posted on the roof of the Asylum - proved to be all too real. Focusing on the war effort, Taggerdy adopted an ever more determined stance, even considering the use of nuclear weapons. Although proscribed by Elder Maxson,[11] she believed it to be a necessary step should they fail in their attempts to wipe out the scorchbeasts through attrition. Although Lost Hills attempted to sustain them with their scientific expertise, providing automated research programs and weapon schematics to set up kill-zones, it proved too little to stem the tide. Soon, Lost Hills went silent as the satellites failed, leaving Taggerdy alone with a monumental task before her and Maxson's confidence in her. Rather than cooperate with the Responders or the Free States, however, Taggerdy was determined to tighten the ranks and win the war with the scorchbeasts using those she could rely on: Her soldiers. Although Maxson disagreed with her elitist views, she believed it was necessary in order to forge a shield wall with no weak links.[12]

Taggerdy's policy proved to be short-sighted. With no way to replace losses in the war, she was forced to abandon outlying outposts. Camp Venture was officially abandoned on July 20, 2093, as the Brotherhood tightened their belt and pulled all remaining troops to focus their firepower at the Allegheny Asylum and Thunder Mountain Power Plant. The remaining Squires completed their training, though no new candidates were accepted at this point.[13] The Brotherhood focused on fighting the scorchbeasts entirely, tapping all available sources of supplies, taxing their good will. By January 2094, that meant routinely requisitioning food, dozens of missiles, fusion cores, and hundreds of rounds of conventional ammunition from all available sources. She authorized requisitions from both Responders and the Free States to maintain operational capability.[14]

Realizing that time was not on their side, the Brotherhood launched Operation Touchdown on January 29, 2095, with Paladin Taggerdy taking the most well trained troops of the Brotherhood in order to confront the scorchbeasts in their lair and destroy them. The operation claimed the life of Paladin Taggerdy and her men, but for over a week, no scorchbeasts appeared on the surface, leading Senior Knight Wilson to declare a preliminary mission accomplished.[15] However, this proved to be optimistic. By June, the sightings continued to increase in number, indicating that Touchdown has failed.[16] By August, the situation was clear: The Brotherhood has failed in its mission and was rapidly approaching extinction. Rather than flee, the soldiers decided to continue manning their posts until the bitter end, trying to buy as much time for Appalachia as possible.[17]


Lizzy Taggerdy is featured in Fallout 76.


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