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For the Bethesda Softworks developer, see Liz Beetem.
FO02 NPC Liz.png
Biography and appearance
AffiliationAnti-mutant conspiracy
Weapons dealer
LocationBroken Hills Downtown
Dialogue FileHcLIZ.msg
QuestsBlow up the mine's air purifier.
SPECIALStrength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 5
Luck: 6
Derived StatsHit points: 42
Armor class: 5
Action points: 7
Carry weight: 125
Unarmed damage: 0
Melee damage: 1
Sequence: 14
Healing rate: 1
Experience points: 40
Normal DT/DR: 0/0%
Laser DT/DR: 0/0%
Fire DT/DR: 0/0%
Plasma DT/DR: 0/0%
Electrical DT/DR: 0/0%
EMP DT/DR: 0/500%
Explode DT/DR: 0/0%
Tag SkillsSmall Guns: 52%
Big Guns: 18%
Unarmed: 50%
Melee Weapons: 55%
Speech: 94%
Barter: 120%
Proto id00000061 (Master Trader)

Oh, god… another addle-headed mutant baby. When will someone just shoot these things?

Liz is the proprietor of the general store in Broken Hills in Fallout 2.


Liz is a middle-aged woman with a face eroded by her seemingly permanent scowl. Whomever meets her can't help but feel that she takes a perverse pleasure in a hard life.[1] Beneath her bad temper lurks an even more hideous beast. Liz is a human supremacist in league with Jacob, the town's chemist, stockpiling weapons to use against the mutants. Her definition is limited mostly to super mutants. She considers ghouls useful slaves, despite what she thinks is a lack of brains.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character is a merchant. Sells: weapons and general supplies
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Blow up the mine's air purifier.: If the player helps the human supremacists destroy the mine's air purifier, she'll let them into the back room of her shop, where a ladder leads to a hidden weapons cache.

Other interactions

  • Another way to gain access to her basement without sneaking or combat is to buy drinks from Phil and pay him a total of 20$ in tips, after which he will tell the player about the weapons cache. The player can then talk to Liz about it, say it comes from "a reliable source", and (after passing a Speech challenge) tell her that they will use the weapons against the mutants, in order to gain access.


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Assault carbine icon.png
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Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


Liz appears only in Fallout 2.


  1. Liz's character description: "{100}{}{You see a woman wearing a perpetual scowl.}"
    "{102}{}{You see a middle-aged woman whose scowl has eroded her face. She looks like one of those people who takes a perverse pleasure in a hard life.}"