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Littlehorn & Associates
Littlehorn and associates picture.jpg
Secretaries hard at work.
LeadershipDaniel Littlehorn
FoundedDaniel Littlehorn
HeadquartersScrapyard, Office
Notable LocationsCapital Wasteland

Littlehorn & Associates is a firm in the Capital Wasteland which specializes in contract killing.


Headed by Daniel Littlehorn, the firm is the Regulators' counterpart and located in a large shed at the entrance to Scrapyard. If the Lone Wanderer has the Contract Killer perk, the firm will be the buyer for ears obtained by killing characters with good karma. If you maintain or achieve a Very Evil level of Karma upon turning in your ear(s) to him, you will get a bonus.

Littlehorn & Associates runs low key throughout the Capital Wasteland, as Daniel Littlehorn tells the Lone Wanderer that his employees are all over, just the Lone Wanderer probably never noticed it. It is not revealed why Littlehorn wants ears from "good people" other than him mentioning something about maintaining a certain balance in the Wastes. Daniel Littlehorn and the rest of Littlehorn & Associates see it best to give as little as possible personal or even business related information to make everything go smoother.

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  • If you kill one of the secretaries, rather than becoming hostile, the rest comment "better them than me."


Littlehorn & Associates appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • A painting by William Bouguereau depicting Dante and Virgil in Hell is shown prominently hanging above Daniel Littlehorn's desk.


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    An elderly man with a sharp suit and penchant for French Traditionalist Painters, Daniel Littlehorn has run his organization for as long as any of his secretaries can remember. Although now in his late 70s, Littlehorn is a commanding (but unseen) presence across the Wasteland. If good men falter, innocents are slain, or water supplies become more tainted, you can bet Littlehorn's clandestine organization is behind it."
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