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The Little Yangtze terminals are a collection of terminals from the Little Yangtze prisoner camp in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.

Little Yangtze Log Terminal

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the Little Yangtze watchtower.

Log Entry 01


The government shipped in the first batch of dissidents today. Three whole trainloads of Communist infiltrators. Half of them don't even speak English, so we had to show them where to go with our nightsticks. They got the point eventually. The docs are already talking about "research subjects." Guess that'll help advance the war effort.

Log Entry 02


One of the prisoners who speaks a little English - I guess he's become the unofficial spokesman - came to the commandant's office today screaming about hungry ghosts snatching his people up in the night. The commandant told him to give up the ignorant superstitions of a bygone era and had him thrown in the cooler for three weeks. Me, I've seen some of the new robots they're developing here, and I gotta wonder where they get the brains from.

Log Entry 03


Another escape attempt last night. We rounded them all up and processed the escapees, but these little bastards are determined. We've got triple shifts on the camp around the clock, and the extra hours are eating up morale. Commandant says he's put in a requisition to use the camp as a field test for the new "total pacification collars" the scientists have been working on. Maybe then I can get some goddamn sleep.

Elijah's Journal - Day 2


2nd day at Pre-War concentration camp. Kept China citizens here before war. Radiation turned them, had to keep them in camp with collars (explains why some of these "slave collars" exist, always wondered, some were clearly Pre-War tech). Researching the collar frequencies, touchy - circuit architecture is messy, de-constructing them taking time. Must be careful, can't be spotted by local robots, or insane brains from the Dome will try to haul me back there, then... research me.

Elijah's Journal - Day 3


No sign of that Courier from before. He stays out of my way, I'll stay out of his. Been thinking about that "Sierra Madre" he mentioned... if he's right, I'd just need to find the casino radio frequency to track it down. Wouldn't need his help. If the working holograms and toxic gas are preserved there, might be easier to study them there with no robots to interfere. And those dispensers... might have use for those as well.

Elijah's Journal - Day 4


Day 4, still continuing research... found way to deactivate collar after some failures, just a few headless ghouls. It's been hard to go fishing in the camp without one of them trying to run the gate and their heads exploding. Damn collars, twitchy.

...need to ration the Mentats, giving me migraines.

Elijah's Journal - Day 4 - Addendum


While setting up the radios to monitor Dome and robots, thought I saw glint (scope?) from the building on other side of compound.

Should check it out, make sure I'm not being watched... might be that Courier?

Still, he would have come straight up rather than hiding. Instinct says it's someone else.