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An entrance to a Vault.

This article lists all known Vault-Tec Corporation Vaults. If you would like to know more about the Vaults, please check out this article.


Designation Description Status Location Appearances
Los Angeles Vault Constructed as a demonstration/proof of concept Vault for the United States government.[1] Although fully functional, it was not part of any experiment and thus its inhabitants survived the Great War unscathed. In 2155, it was taken over as the Unity's headquarters by the Master.[2] In 2162, it was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.[3] Destroyed (2162) Los Angeles, California
Fallout Bible
Vault 3 A control Vault that stayed closed due to the wishes of its inhabitants.[4] Sometime in the 23rd century, an unexpected water leak forced the Vault dwellers to open in hopes of trading with the outside.[5][6] A couple of weeks after opening the Vault, the residents were massacred by a group of raiders known as the Fiends.[7][8] Failed Las Vegas, Nevada Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 8 A control Vault that was intended to open and recolonize the surface after 10 years.[9] Upon opening early after receiving the all-clear signal in 2079,[10] the residents established Vault City with the help of their GECK.[11][12] Opened successfully Northern Nevada
(Vault City)
Fallout 2
Fallout Bible
Vault 11 Designed to test obedience to authority and the ethics of a large group of people subjected to extraordinary circumstances. The Vault dwellers were informed that a single person must sacrifice their life each year for the Vault, otherwise the master computer would shut down all life support. In reality, should the dwellers refuse, the Vault would open.[13][14] Failed Mojave Wasteland Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 12 In order to study the effects of radiation on the selected population, the Vault door was designed not to close properly. This resulted in Necropolis and its large population of ghouls.[3][9] Abandoned (2162) Bakersfield, California
Fallout Bible
Vault 13 Intended to stay closed for 200 years as a study of prolonged isolation,[9] or until the Vault's residents were needed by the Enclave.[15] The Vault Dweller emerged from here in 2161, in search of a replacement water chip for the Vault.[3][16] Emptied (2242) Southern California Fallout
Fallout 2
Fallout Bible
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (mentioned-only)
Fallout: New Vegas (mentioned-only)
Courier's Stash (mentioned-only)
Vault 15 Intended to stay closed for 50 years and include people of radically diverse ideologies.[9] Its residents emerged in 2097,[17] eventually forming three raider groups: the Khans, Jackals, and Vipers,[18] and Shady Sands, which would become the New California Republic.[19] Reoccupied (2242) Southern California Fallout
Fallout 2
Fallout Bible
Vault 17 Raided by the Unity in 2155, its inhabitants were taken prisoner, and subsequently turned into super mutants.[20] Emptied (2155) Unknown Fallout: New Vegas (mentioned-only)
Vault 19 Segregated into two groups, 'Red' and 'Blue'. The groups lived in separate sections of the Vault and were governed by two overseers. Subliminal messages were routinely sent over to each side, causing mistrust among the inhabitants,[21] and eventually a civil war between the two groups ended up in the complete collapse of the Vault.[22] Failed Mojave Wasteland Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 21 Designed to study the evolution of a society where all conflict was resolved through pure chance, i.e. gambling. The Vault was taken over by Robert House after winning a game of blackjack where the wager was the entire Vault. It was subsequently filled with concrete and converted into a novelty hotel run by Sarah Weintraub.[23][24][25] Converted Las Vegas, Nevada Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 22 Equipped with the latest in biological and agricultural technologies, with the objective of developing plants that could be readily cultivated in the absence of natural light. However, an experiment with a parasitic fungus turned on the scientists, leading to the destruction of the Vault.[26] Survivors of the outbreak abandoned the Vault and headed to Zion Valley, spreading the spores across the wastes.[27] Failed Mojave Wasteland Fallout: New Vegas
Honest Hearts (mentioned-only)
Old World Blues (mentioned-only)
Vault 27 Deliberately overcrowded with a total of 2000 people assigned to enter (double the total sustainable amount).[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Vault 29 No one was over the age of 15 when they entered. Parents were intentionally redirected to other vaults. Harold is believed to have come from this Vault.[9] West Coast Fallout (mentioned-only)
Fallout Bible
Van Buren
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (mentioned-only)
Fallout 76
Vault 34 The armory was deliberately provided with an overabundance of weapons and ammunition, in addition to not being provided with a proper locking mechanism.[9] The presence of weapons as well as lack of population control measures led to failure in the 23rd century. Social unrest would do the Vault in with several groups demanding access to weapons. A group that became the Boomers left the Vault several decades before its failure.[28][29] Eventually, a riot damaged the Vault's reactor, leading to flooding and radiation that caused ghoulification for many dwellers.[30][31] By 2281, only a handful of the Vault's residents remained.[32][22] Failed Mojave Wasteland Fallout Bible
Fallout: New Vegas
Vault 36 Food extruders were designed to produce only a thin, watery gruel.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Vault 42 No light bulbs of more than 40 watts were provided.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Vault 43 Populated by twenty men, ten women, and one panther.[33] Unknown One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
Vault 51 Test the limits of human tribalism, overseen by a prototype variant of an experimental ZAX unit, ZAX 1.3c.[34][35] No Overseer assigned, with ZAX instructed to select one according to its experiments. The AI ended up engineering crises that killed all but one occupant.[36] Failed The Forest, Appalachia Fallout 76
Vault 53 Most of the equipment was designed to break down every few months. While repairable, the breakdowns were intended to stress the inhabitants unduly.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Fallout 3 concept art
Vault 55 All entertainment tapes were removed.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Vault 56 All entertainment tapes were removed except those of one particularly bad comic actor. Sociologists predicted failure before Vault 55.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Vault 63 Unknown. Ash Heap, Appalachia Fallout 76
Vault 68 Of the one thousand people who entered, there was only one woman.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Vault 69 Of the one thousand people who entered, there was only one man.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Van Buren concept art
One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
Vault 70 All jumpsuit extruders failed after six months.[9] Unknown Fallout Bible
Van Buren
Vault 75 Human genome improvement through a combination of selective breeding, hormonal treatments, genetic modification, and an accelerated generational cycle. Researchers and science staff were isolated from test subjects, who were disposed of at 18 years of age unless recruited to replenish research staff due to a combination of excellent ratings.[37] Failed Malden, Massachusetts Fallout 4
Vault 76 A control Vault that was intended to open and recolonize Appalachia after 25 years.[38][39] It was designated as the Official Vault of the Tricentennial by Vault-Tec, under the tagline "Vault-Tec Salutes America".[40] The Vault opened exactly 25 years after the Great War, on October 23, 2102, in an event known as "Reclamation Day."[41] Opened successfully The Forest, Appalachia Fallout 3 (mentioned-only)
Mothership Zeta (mentioned-only)
Fallout 4 (mentioned-only)

Fallout 76

Vault 77 Populated by one man and a crate of puppets.[33] Unknown One Man, and a Crate of Puppets
Fallout 3 (mentioned-only)
Vault 79 Unknown Savage Divide, Appalachia Fallout 76
Vault 81 Dedicated to researching diseases and antibodies, with an emphasis on potential mutations in heavy radiation. The Vault's residents were isolated from the sealed scientific section of the Vault and used as guinea pigs in Stage III clinical trials of the science staff. The Vault was not to be evacuated unless by a direct order from Vault-Tec. Residents were considered expendable and their incineration through pre-installed flame nozzles was at the discretion of the overseer.[42] Experiment scuttled

Still occupied (2287)

Commonwealth Fallout 4
Vault 87 A Forced Evolutionary Virus research facility that was also provided with a GECK. This Vault is the source of the super mutants in the Capital Wasteland.[38][43] Failed (2078) Capital Wasteland Fallout 3
Fallout 4 (mentioned-only)
Vault 88 An unfinished Vault that was designed to test a variety of prototype devices with the aim of rolling them out through the rest of the Vaults. The prototype devices included a soda fountain that dispensed appetite-reducing drugs, electricity-generating exercise bicycles, subliminal messaging integrated in optometrist equipment, and others.[44] Incomplete (2287) Quincy, Massachusetts Vault-Tec Workshop
Vault 92 Populated largely by renowned musicians, the Vault was a test bed for a white noise-based system for implanting combat-oriented posthypnotic suggestions.[38][43] Failed Old Olney, Maryland Fallout 3
Vault 94 Founded on the principles of faith, nonviolence, and communal life in harmony with nature. Residents were not required to belong to a collective faith; each person was free to walk their own path. Together with an abundance of resources, the goal was to confirm the thesis about the innate goodness of humanity. One year after the Great War, on October 23, 2078, the Vault reopened and Vault ambassadors were sent out into Appalachia.[45] Unfortunately, it became targeted by raiders, who blew up the vault's G.E.C.K, creating what became known as The Mire.[46] Failed The Mire, Appalachia Fallout 76
Vault 95 Filled with drug abuse victims, it was used by Vault-Tec for monitoring the effects of drug abuse in an isolated setting. An employee of Vault-Tec was a resident of the vault and after the inhabitants seemed to be getting better, the employee was tasked with opening a hidden cache of chems. This ultimately led to all residents to either overdose or be killed by another resident who was on chems. [47] Failed Commonwealth Fallout 4
Vault 96 Constructed by Vault-Tec as a genetic ark for ecosystem restoration, using an almost inexhaustible number of frozen embryos ready to be artificially gestated to full maturity and automated keeper robots to protect them when they leave the Vault. Embryos constituted a carefully chosen, fully complete ecosystem referred to as "core fauna", with enough material for 112 releases.[48] Savage Divide, Appalachia Fallout 76
Vault 101 Test the role of an omnipotent Overseer in a community remaining in indefinite isolation from the outside world, and study the reactions of the residents, should the isolation be broken.[49] The Lone Wanderer emerged from here in 2277, in search of their father, James.[43] Springvale, Virginia Fallout 3
Fallout 4 (mentioned-only)
Fallout 76 (mentioned-only)
Vault 106 Psychoactive drugs were released into the air filtration system 10 days after the door was sealed.[9][38][43] Failed Capital Wasteland Fallout Bible
Fallout 3
Vault 108 All initial positions were left unfilled, allowing the terminally ill overseer, Brody Jones (estimated to expire within 40 months of the Vault's sealing), to fill them in according to Vault protocols, creating a unique experimental situation.[38] The Vault failed as a result of cloning experiments designed to replicate whole humans, instead creating Garys.[43] Failed Capital Wasteland Fallout 3
Vault 111 A portion of the occupants were cryonically frozen (made up of citizens), while another portion remained unfrozen (made up of scientists, security and other staff to keep the cryo pods operational). The experiment was to observe the long-term effects of suspended animation on an unaware human subjects; however, a revolt led by the security personnel caused the failure of the Vault in 2078.[50] The Sole Survivor emerged from here 210 years after the Vault sealed, in 2287.[51] Failed Concord, Massachusetts Fallout 4
Vault 112 Set up as the personal Vault of Dr. Stanislaus Braun, utilizing virtual reality stasis pods.[43] Failed Capital Wasteland Fallout 3
Vault 114 The inhabitants were described as "high ranking local and state government, local luminaries, business people, and their families", however, the luxury living conditions were exaggerated to the inhabitants, and when they arrived at the Vault, random families were chosen to occupy one room apartments and share minimal dining and bathing facilities. In addition, the Overseer was selected from the local public outside the Vault, and the interview process favored those with no leadership or governmental experience and a strong anti-authority bias. Vault-Tec staff were asked not to undermine the authority of the new overseer "even (and especially) if it may cause physical discomfort, embarrassment or harm to the inhabitants".[52] Incomplete Boston, Massachusetts Fallout 4
Vault 118 Intended to test the interactions between two groups: a small ultra-wealthy group that would be placed socially and legally above a much larger population that was to be kept in uncomfortable quarters. Instead of a classic bourgeois-worker experiment, funding ran out when only the ultra wealthy were in the Vault. They implanted their brains into robobrains to outlast the Great War, leaving the overseer as the only human in the Vault.[53] Active (2287) Mount Desert Island, Maine Far Harbor
Unfinished Vault A construction site in a cave north of Vault 13 and Vault 15. Northern California Fallout 2

Other installations using Vault-Tec technology

Vaults outside the main continuity

The Vaults in the following list were created for games that were cancelled or eliminated from the main continuity of the series. It also includes Vaults that were released in official materials, but were not confirmed to form a part thereof.

Designation Description/Fate Location Appearances
Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Vault 0 A special vault designed to "monitor and control" other vaults, maintain the geniuses of the pre-War United States in cryogenic stasis, and release them once the outside parameters return to normal.[55] Cheyenne Mountain (Colorado) Fallout Tactics
Vault 6 Unknown Mount St. Helens, Washington Fallout Extreme[56]
Vault 24 Unknown, any information in existence is based on cut content for a vault suit. Unknown
(Mojave Wasteland?)
Fallout: New Vegas cut content
Vault 39 Unknown. Abilene, Texas Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2[56]
Vault 74 Experiment unknown. In the tutorial, it's a very small vault consisting only of the overseer's office, atrium, clinic, and quarters (blocked). Unknown
(Capital Wasteland?)
Fallout 3 modding tutorial[57]
Vault 100 Unknown Mentioned in Fallout 3 game files with a unused Vault 100 jumpsuit icon. Fallout 3 cut content
Vault 113 Unknown Mentioned in Fallout 4 game files with a unused Vault 113 'Welcome Home' texture. Fallout 4 cut content
Vault 177 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Vault 199 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Vault 314 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Vault 333 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Vault 525 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Vault 730 Unknown Appears in the Fallout Shelter quest The Path of Paula Plumbkin. Fallout Shelter
Vault 813 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Vault 899 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Vault 909 Unknown Unknown Fallout Shelter
Secret Vault A secret vault dedicated to protect high-members of Vault-Tec Industries and used to research the latest technologies (like electrical laser weapons and instant regeneration) and the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Los Ybanez, Texas Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Vault Prototype A small Vault-Tec facility used as the base of operations by the Brotherhood of Steel Texas Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Burkittsville Vault An unnamed vault near Burkittsville mentioned in the Hamilton's hideaway terminals. Outside of the vault, cannibals wait to ambush those seeking refuge in the vault. Burkittsville, Maryland Fallout 3 cut content


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    When a member of the band called out to him, Faust turned, startled, and slipped into the Pit. He slid down twenty feet and then fell another 20 and broke his leg in the process. As he lay there dazed, a half dozen gigantic Pit Vipers slithered toward him. Not knowing what these things were, Faust was terrified. The group above heard one loud scream and then nothing. Three others went to look for him, but never came out.
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    The Jackals: The first clan, the Jackals, is your typical group of crazies. They have no morals except one: survival. They use group tactics to overmatch their enemies. They are craven cowards, though, and will not attack unless they know they can win. They band together in their hideaway and fight over the spoils.
    The Vipers: The second clan, the Vipers, are mysterious followers of an ancient religion (or so they claim). They usually only come out at night to hunt for food or to conduct raids. They are very ruthless when it comes to combat. They prefer stealth to strength. They usually carry bone knives dipped in Pit Viper venom. This poison, when in the blood stream, paralyzes the victim. Most victims captured in this way are taken back to their hideout.
    The Khans: The last group, the Khans, is probably the most dangerous. They live the lifestyles of Mongol warriors, raiding towns, burning what they cannot take and capturing the survivors for use as slaves. They usually travel in small scouting bands, but sometimes they roam as full war parties. The Khans above all else respect strength. They are eager in combat to prove their worthiness to the clan by engaging in hand to hand combat with fists or clubs. The Khans carry very few firearms (since they are for cowards). Anyone showing superior strength is worthy of their respect. The leader of the Khans is so because no one has beaten him in combat.
    One interesting thing listed in the original documentation is that all raider bands were supposedly all from Vault 15 after it opened, but they all splintered off into different groups from the overpopulated Vault.
    All of these raider groups officially exist in the Fallout universe, though only the Khans are in southern California at the start of Fallout 1. The handful of Vipers that survived Rhombus' campaign of extermination in 2155 fled North and East, following the same path the Jackals took after they had their asses handed to them by the Khans thirty years before."
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    The experimental objectives of Vault 75 are detailed in the handbooks which have been provided to you already. This experiment is intended to be carried out over multiple generations. As such, there may be unanticipated research opportunities that present themselves. Such diversions from provisional protocol are permitted at the discretion of the Chief Scientist.
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    Vault 101 was actually part of an unscrupulous social experiment. All of the other Vaults were intended to be opened at one point or another when the "all clear" signal was sent from Vault-Tec or the appropriate regulatory agency, and this indeed, did transpire, with almost universally horrific results. But Vault 101's secret plans were different: The doors were never scheduled to open. Ever. In fact, the Vault was supplied with just the type of equipment it would need to keep functioning indefinitely-like spare parts for the water processor. But this was just the beginning:
    The true experiment was even more devious and cunning. Although Vault 101 was about testing the human condition when a Vault never opened, this was only the first part of the plan. The "actual" experiment went far beyond that, and a select few knew the true nature; that this was to test the role of the Overseer. While the Overseer was able to interact (and even visit) the outside world via radio transmissions, and a secret tunnel from his sealed office, the rest of the inhabitants faced a much more dismal future: As far as they knew, Vault 101 was never sent an "all clear" signal, and faked radio transmissions described a nuclear-ravaged world gone mad, with absolutely no hope of existence outside of a Vault. The radio transmissions were actually recorded before the bombs even fell, and in many cases described a world even more horrible than the reality of the nuclear wasteland. The Vault 101 Overseer, like his counterparts in the other Vaults, was actually a planted Vault-Tec operative whose job it was to control the experiment from the inside.
    Aside from keeping up this ruse, the Overseer's other important role was to reinforce to the dwellers of Vault 101 that the outside world would never be habitable again, and that their only salvation was in the Vault. The Overseer prevented anyone from leaving the Vault, and made sure the Vault dwellers received their regular "transmission" from the outside world. People entered Vault 101 in 2077, just before the bombs fell.
    The Overseer died of natural causes 50 years later (in 2127), at the age of 84, after grooming a subordinate to continue the clandestine plan. The new Overseer led his people according to the same isolationist doctrine preached by his predecessor, but also attempted to garner as many senior Vault Dwellers to become complicit in this plan as possible. By 2277, the descendants of the Overseer had an entire generation of Vault Dwellers who were playing along with this plan, keeping the secrets from their children.
    The Overseer and his cronies continued to receive periodic information from the outside world, while those not in the know were told that things had gotten so bad that whoever was sending transmissions was no longer able to do so; reinforcing the thought that leaving the Vault was sheer suicide. The final piece of this grand experiment only truly began when the Vault Dwellers living in blissful ignorance finally realized the world outside could be accessed, and there was a possibility of life above ground. The experiment only really commenced when the Vault 101 door first opened, and a young dweller fled into the light."
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