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What follows is a list of pre and post-war companies in the Fallout Universe. Pre-war companies were some of the largest providers of goods and services for the society. None of them survived the Great War intact, but their products and property did, often affecting the lives of the survivors significantly.

Companies are divided according to the three-sector hypothesis, with another heading for corporate brands. Most companies are fictional due to the Divergence, though there are a few real-world companies featuring in the games.

Pre-War companies

Primary sector: Raw materials and energy

Name Industry Country Products
Atomic Mining Services Mining United States Ultracite
The Bysshe Company Natural gas United States Bio-gas canister
Dunwich Borers LLC Mining United States Marble
Garrahan Mining Company Mining United States Mining/Robotics
GDA Fusion Energy production United States Household fusion generators
Hornwright Industrial Mining Company Mining United States Mining/Robotics
Ken-Gar Mining Company Cut contentIcon cut.png Mining United States Evergreen Mills complex
Mass Fusion Energy production United States Fusion wells, Fusion engines, Fusion cores
Old Olney Powerworks Energy production United States
Pep Gas Fuel distribution United States Gas/Electric-charging stations
Petró-Chico Oil industry (excavation, refinement, distribution) Mexico Refined oil, gasoline, gas stations
Poseidon Energy Energy production conglomerate United States high-tech research & development, Gas stations
Poseidon Gasoline Petroleum distribution United States Gasoline
Poseidon Oil Petroleum drilling. refinement United States Refined oil
PPE Energy conglomerate United States
Prometheus Coal Van BurenGametitle-VB.png Mining United States Coal
Red Rocket Fuel distribution United States Gasoline, diesel, fusion, automotive service stations
Schoelt Natural gas United States Propane fuel
Solitare Fuel distribution United States Oil, gas stations
Thicket Excavations Mining United States Granite
Verdant-Air Wind Power Energy production United States Wind power generation

Secondary sector: Manufacturing

Name Industry Country Products
Abraxodyne Chemical Detergents United States Abraxo Cleaner, Food sanitizer
The Acme Company Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Robotics United States Humanoid robots
ArcJet Systems Aerospace manufacturing United States
ArmCo Weapons supplies United States Portable Reloading Bench
Armor-Go Space-age polymer, lubricant for power armor United States Oil can
Ball Aerospace Van BurenGametitle-VB.png Aircraft United States
MacDougal-Bernard Company Survival Rations United States Purified water
Bawls Guarana Corporation Fallout: Brotherhood of SteelGametitle-FOBOS.png Soft drinks United States Bawls Guarana
Beantown Brewery Alcohol United States Beantown Brown Beer
BeatCo Weapons United States "Big Frigger" power fist
Big Daddy Billiards Sports equipment United States Billiard tables
Blades Toiletries United States Razors
BlamCo Foodstuffs Packaged food United States BlamCo Mac & Cheese
Bringham Scientific accessories United States Needler pistol, HN Needler cartridge, HN AP Needler cartridge
Bumbalo's Toy manufacturing United States
Cadillac Automotive manufacturing United States
Calico Light Weapons Systems Firearms United States Calico Liberty 100, 9mm Calico M-950
Calpower Power systems United States model 238B nuclear power unit
Cerulean Robotics Electronics United States
Chryslus Motors Automotive manufacturing United States Corvega, Highwayman
Codac Photography United States Codac R9000 photo camera
Colt Firearms United States 6520 pistol, Rangemaster
Dawnshire Pottery, Inc. Pottery United States Dawnshire vase
DeepFreeze Kitchen Storage Corporation Industrial/commercial freezer/refrigerator systems United States Refrigeration systems
Donaustahl Firearms Germany 9mm Parabellum round
Eckhart Unlimited Transportation and manufacturing United States
Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta Firearms Italy 9mm M9FS Beretta, Beretta 470 Silverhawk
Falmouth Winery Alcohol United States Wine
Federal Cartridge Firearms United States .45 Auto hollow point rounds
FN Herstal Firearms Belgium FN FAL, FN FAL (Night Sight), FN FAL HPFA, FN P90c
Franchi Firearms Italy SPAS-12
General Atomics International Robotics, Power systems United States Mister Handy, Vault 13's backup generator, co-developed Liberty Prime with RobCo Industries
Glastinghouse, Inc. Weapon systems United States X-25 Gatling laser
Glock Firearms Austria Glock 86 plasma pistol, Glock 86 plasma pistol extended capacity, Plasma Defender
HalluciGen, Inc. Nonlethal weapons United States HalluciGen gas canister, Dispersant, HalluciGen gas, Invisiwave, Irradicator, Suppressor
Hauer Premium Firearms Switzerland 12.7mm ammunition
Heckler & Koch Firearms Germany MP9 10mm SMG, H&K L30 Gatling laser, H&K CAWS, H&K P90c, H&K G11, H&K G11E
H&H Tools, Inc. Hardware United States H&H Tools nail gun, possibly involved in the development of the PDQ-88b Securitron
IBM Electronics United States
Irish Pride Industries Shipbuilding United States Midsize shipping vessels
Implied Hypnotics, Inc. Nonlethal weapons United States Mesmetron
Interior Slabs Stonemasonry United States Countertops
LGJG Hardware United States Padlocks
LightLife Vault power systems United States
Little Cobb Creamery Food processing United States
L.O.B. Enterprises Weapons research and development United States Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese pistol
Lockreed Industries Aircraft United States Fighter jet
M&A Guns Manufacturers Firearms United States 9mm pistol
Mama Dolce's Packaged food United States Food processing and distribution
Manhattan Projects Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Nuclear weapons United States "Plutonius" nuclear bomb
Mary May Cosmetics United States Cosmetics case
Masterson Firearms United States 20 gauge ammunition
Mauser Firearms Germany 9mm Mauser, 9mm HSI Mauser
Med-Tek Pharmaceutical goods and equipment United States Mentats, My First Infirmary, Fixer
Monphanto Co. Corn flour United States Corn flour
M&M Construction Incorporated Construction United States Sierra Madre vault
National Electric Hologram research and manufacture United States Holograms
Nuka-Advantax Fallout TacticsGametitle-FOT.png Power systems United States Power nodes
Nuka-Cola Corporation Soft drinks United States Nuka-Cola, Cherry Nuka-Cola, Classic Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Nuka-Cola Quartz, Nuka-Cola Victory
Ornate Obelisks Stonemasonry United States Obelisks
Pancor Firearms United States Pancor Jackhammer
Parsons Creamery Creamery United States
Pillar Pushers Stonemasonry United States Pillars
Pulowski Preservation Services Nuclear fallout shelters United States Pulowski Preservation shelters
Purebore Firearms United States 12 gauge ammunition
Radiation King Electronics United States Televisions, radios, and computers
REPCONN Aerospace Aerospace manufacturing United States Delta IX rocket, R77-239A Needlenose rocket, V29-329G rocket, Z43-521P rocket, Q-35 matter modulator
Rheinmetall AG Firearms Germany Vindicator minigun, Rheinmetall 9mm machine pistol
RobCo Industries Electronics United States PipBoy, Stealth Boy, protectron, Securitron, Unified Operating System, co-developed Liberty Prime with General Atomics International.
Rockwell Heavy weaponry United States CZ53 Personal minigun, Avenger minigun, CZ25 Military minigun, BigBazooka
Royal Small Arms Factory Firearms United Kingdom XL70E3, Light support weapon, Sten gun, Bren gun
Sandia Labs Heavy duty vehicles United States Eddie Galenski's truck
SharpWit Melee weapons United States "Stallona" combat knife
SIG-Sauer Firearms Swiss-German Sig Sauer 14mm Pistol, P220 Sig Sauer
Snap-Off Hardware United States Super tool kit
Southern Cartridge Firearms United States .45 Auto super rounds
Stenley Tools United States Drill
Stent Security Solutions Firearms United States R91 Assault rifle
Stihl Electronic tools manufacturer United States Ripper Vibroblade, Ripper Vibroblade portable version
Sunset Sarsaparilla Company Soft drinks United States Sunset Sarsaparilla
Tables 'n Tops Stonemasonry United States Tables, countertops
Takoma Industrial Manufacturing United States Abraxo Cleaner
Top Drawer Livin' Stonemasonry United States Countertops
T.V.G. Packaged food United States Flour
Union Cartridge Firearms United States .45 Auto ammunition
Vault-Tec Industries Nuclear fallout shelters United States Vaults
Versicorps Power systems United States Vault power systems
Vim! Pop Incorporated Soft drinks United States Vim, Vim Captain's Blend, Vim Quartz, Vim Refresh
Volkswagen Automotive manufacturing Germany
Wattz Electronics Energy weapons, electronics United States Wattz 2000 Laser rifle, 2043B radio, cattle prod
Wilson Automatoys Toys United States Giddyup Buttercup
Winchester Firearms United States P94 industrial-grade plasma caster, City-Killer 12 gauge combat shotgun, Widowmaker double-barreled 12 gauge shotgun
Yuma Flats Energy Consortium Energy weapons United States YK32 pulse pistol and the YK42B pulse rifle

Tertiary sector: Services

Name Industry Country Products
A Cuppa Joe Food service United States Coffee service
Acme Realty Realty United States Land and buildings retail
Anna's Cafe Food service United States
B&K Cleaners Laundary United States
Banckom Electronics United States Voice recognition software
Barstow Strong Express Locomotive transportation United States
Besnik's Barbershop Haircuts
Big Horn Saloon United States
BKM Recording Company Entertainment
BosCom Telecommunications United States Phone and Television Services
Boston Bugle Media United States Newspapers (Boston Bugle, Rolled Boston Bugle, Late edition newspaper)
Boston Direct Freight transport United States
Bridgeway Trust Banking United States
Broadway Cinema Entertainment United States Movie theaters
Buck's Steak House Food service United States
Burnett and Associates Art United States Paintings
Burnside Bank & Loan Banking United States
Cambridge Savings & Loan Banking United States
Colontoni's Pizzeria Resteraunt United States
Commonwealth Bank Banking United States
Concord Savings and Loan Banking United States
Crab Shack Seafood restaurant United States
Capitol Post Media United States Newspapers
Cat's Paw Adult entertainment United States Cat's Paw magazines
Cherry Liquor United States
Clayton's Drive-in United States
CMR Transportation United States CMR monorail train
Cornucopia Fresh Groceries Groceries store United States Groceries
D. Miller & Sons Jewelry United States
Diggity's! United States
Dini's Hotel United States
District of Columbia Transit Authority Transportation United States Washington, D.C. Metro
Don't Be Bored Games Company Entertainment United States Blast Radius board game
Dot's Diner Diner chain United States Food service
Egret Tours Attractions United States Charles River tours
Evert's Building & Garden Supplies United States
El Periódico de las Aburridas Tabloid journalism United Mexican States
Fantastique Cinema Entertainment United States Movie showings
Fizzy's Fountain Drinks United States
Freddy Fear's House of Scares Costumes United States
Galaxy News Network Media United States Music, news, and radio shows
Golden Globes Adult entertainment United States Pornography
Horizon Airlines Airline United States
Hubris Comics Comic books United States Grognak the Barbarian, The Adventures of Captain Cosmos
Hubris Publishing Publishing United States Grognak the Barbarian, Tales from the Front, The Inspector
Hubris Software Video games United States Reign of Grelok beta
Isla Negra Holdings Real estate, banking United States
Imperial Records Entertainment United States
Jalbert Brothers Disposal Disposal United States Waste disposal
Jay's Moving Moving company United States
Jessica's Beauty Salon United States
Joe's Spuckies Restaurant United States
Junction Motel United States
Kwik N Save United States
Kingman's BBQ United States
L'Enfant Cafe Diner United States Food service
Majority Whip's Ice cream shop United States Food service
Manticore Comic books United States
Mean Pastries Pastries Food service
Nifty Thrifty's Retail United States
NH&M Locomotive cargo transportation United States
NW Disposal Systems Toxic waste disposal United States
OEI Motion Pictures Recording company United States Love Sets Sail!
Madden's Boxing Gym Fitness United States Martial arts
Paradise Falls coffee shop United States
Parker's Restaurant and Fountain United States
Pioneer Café United States
Planned Diversion Programming United States Video games
Prost Bar United States
Rita's Cafe Food service United States
Red Racer Manufacturing United States Tricycles
Sam's Autoparts United States
Sanders Brothers Entertainment
Shenley's Oyster Bar Seafood restaurant United States
Skylanes Air Airline United States
Slocum's Joe Coffee house chain United States Coffee and confectionery service
Smitty's Cocktail Bar United States Bar
Starlight Cinemas Recording company United States The Barfly
Stretcho Saltwater Taffy Company United States
Super-Duper Mart Retail sales United States Groceries
Takoma Motors Automobile repair United States Takoma Motors auto shop
Ticker Tape Lounge United States
The Jerk Soda drinks, milkshakes United States
Travel Service United States
Uptown Drugs Prescriptions United States
US Robotics Disposal Junkyard United States
Vault-Tec Game Studios United States Video games
Velmas United States
Warren Theater United States
Weatherby Investment Trust United States
Weatherby Savings and Loan Banking United States
Westside Cleaners Storage Laundry United States
Wicked Shipping Transportation United States Trucking industry
Wolf's Bakery United States
Wisemans Recording company United States

Quaternary sector: Knowledge-based

Name Industry Country Products
ArcJet Systems Aerospace/Communications United States Deep Range Transmitter, XMB Booster, Mars Shot Project
Banckom Electronics United States Voice recognition software
Big MT Scientific research and development United States Auto-Doc Mk IX, Cazador, Corrosive glove, Cyberhound Mk III military model, Cyberhound Mk III police model, FIDO, K9000 cyberdog gun, LAER, Nightstalker, Proton axe, throwing model, Protonic inversal axe, throwing model, Robo-scorpion, Saturnite, Scientist glove, Sonic emitter, Stealth suit Mk I, Mk II, Sterilizer glove, Transportation prototype, The Cloud, Walking eye, Y-17 trauma override harness
Cambridge Polymer Labs, LLC Materials research United States Piezonucleic power armor chest
Computechtron (Division of Skeks Corporation) Software United States Technology
Diamond, Inc. Computers United States Technology
Fantastic Tours Attractions United States Tour guide controls
Future-Tec Research and development United States Garden of Eden Creation Kit
Van BurenGametitle-VB.png Greenway Hydroponics Biological research, nuclear war survival United States Nursery, Vault 29
House Industries Industrial conglomerate United States
Livermore/Broansoun Laboratories Biotech United States Forced Evolutionary Virus
Macrosoft Software United States Spreadsheets, Fenestra '98, PoseidoNet help system and Wyndoze 99
PagMem LLC Software United States
PagSoft LLC Software United States Journal-It Software
Skeks Corporation Software United States Technology
Schlocket Industries Software United States Automated Manufactory Control Panel
SoftLock Solutions, Inc. Software United States Terminal lock program
Universal Electric, Inc. Software United States Remote Lightbox Control Panel
Remote Switch Control Panel
Universal Pyrotechnics, Inc. Software United States Firework Mortar Control Panel
Virtual Strategic Solutions, Inc. Virtual reality United States Virtual reality systems
West Tek Advanced defense, biochem and weapons research United States T-51 power armor, T-45 power armor, Forced Evolutionary Virus

Post-war companies

After the Great War, all companies before it had gone defunct. But after, many post-war companies sprang up, mostly dealing in trade.

Name Industry Country Products
Beth's Weapon Shop Arms industry Hub Weapons and ammunition trade
Cassidy Caravans Trading New California Trade goods
Crimson Caravan Company Trading New California Trade goods, weapons and armor manufacturing
Durable Dunn's Trading New California Trade goods
Far Go Traders Trading New California Trade goods, armor manufacturing
Friendly Lending Company Finance New California Loans
Gary's Galley Restaurant Rivet City Food service
Griffin Wares Trading New California Trade goods
Gun Runners Arms industry New California Weapons, ammunition, and armor manufacturing
Happy Trails Caravan Company Trading New California Trade goods
Littlehorn & Associates Mercenary services Capital Wasteland Assassinations
Mojave Express Delivery services New California Parcel, post, and other types of deliveries
Talon Company Mercenary services Capital Wasteland Military operations
Water Merchants Trading New California Trade goods
Westside Cooperative Trading Westside Produce
Diamond City Surplus Trading Diamond City Trade goods
Daisy's Discounts Trading Goodneighbor Trade goods
Kill or Be Killed Arms industry Goodneighbor Weapons and ammunition trade
Memory Den Goodneighbor
The Third Rail Bar Goodneighbor Food and drink
Power Noodles Restaurant Diamond City Noodles
Public Occurrences Journalism Diamond City Newspapers
Chem-I-Care Chems Diamond City Chems
Swatters Diamond City
Commonwealth Weaponry Arms industry United States Weapons and ammunition trade

Company brands

Brands are marks used by companies to identify their products and distinguish them from those of the competition. Many company names double as brands, however, this heading only lists those that are used exclusively as brand names.

Name Industry Country Products
Apricot Electronics United States
Armor-Go Lubricant United States space-age polymer, lubricant for powered armor
Big Boss Tobacco United States Cigarettes (packs and cartons)
Big Chief Ammunition United States .357 Magnum ammunition
Big Pops Confectionery United States Bubblegum
Boot n' Rally Alcohol United States Bourbon
Brainpower Vault computer control systems United States Brainpower 4, Brainpower 7
Buckslayer Ammunition United States 12 gauge shotgun shells
Coffee King Home appliances United States Coffee machines
Cordex Explosives United States Plastic explosives
Corvega Automotive manufacturing United States Original coupe, atomic V-8 coupe, sedans
Cyberbrain Vault computer control systems United States Cyberbrain v2.3
Dandy Boy Packaged foods United States Dandy Boy Apples
Deluxe Home appliances United States Vacuum cleaner
Doghouse Canned food United States Canned dog food
Eye-On-You surveillance cameras Electronics United States Eye-On-You surveillance camera
Fancy Lads Packaged food United States Fancy Lads Snack Cakes
Fission Pal Energy United States Home nuclear reactors
Circle G Firearms United States 5.56mm rounds, 10mm, .38 round, .44 Magnum, .308 caliber round, .50 caliber
Grandad's Firearms United States .308 ammunition
Grey Tortoise Tobacco United States Cigarettes (packs and cartons)
Greasy Prospector Canned food United States Pork N' Beans
HairStylez Hairdressing United States Turbo's aerosol container
Jimmy Hats Prophylactics United States Jimmy Hats condoms
Lasergrafter Plastic surgery United States Skin Resurfacing Unit
Mister Chipper Hardware United States Wood chipper
Old Appalacia Alchohol United States Bourbon
Olde Royale Alcohol United States Whiskey
Pelmen Hardware United States Power tools
Platinum Inebriater Alcohol United States Alcohol
Ranch Defender Ammunition United States .22 caliber ammunition
Red Ryder Toys United States BB gun
Rok-Solid Brand Power systems United States Geo-thermal
Saddle Up Packaged food United States Salisbury steak
San Francisco Sunlights Tobacco United States Cigars (Box of San Francisco Sunlights)
Silver Star Firearms United States .45-70 government ammunition
Spring Valley Packaged food United States Potato crisps, junk food
Steam Whistle Vault power systems United States
Sunco Glasses United States Eyeglasses
Supa Yum! Fruit drink United States Fruit drink
Sure Power Power systems United States
Surkov Alcohol United States/Russia Vodka
The Sicilian Cappuccino makers United States
TJM Electronics United States home stereo system
Washo Detergents Box of detergent
Think Machine Vault computer control systems United States Think Machine 2800x, Think Machine 3600r
Yard-Boy Hardware United States Lawnmowers
YumYum Packaged food United States YumYum Deviled Eggs
Fallon's Department Store Clothing United States

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