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For the Nightkin companion in Fallout: New Vegas, see Lily Bowen.
Mentioned-only character
Biography and appearance
AffiliationRed Tourette's gang
FamilyRed Tourette (sister)

Lily was the sister of Commonwealth raider leader Red Tourette.


A part of her sisters gang, she caught a pair of Tower Tom's gang scouting the front entrance of the federal ration stockpile. She and Red Tourette interrogated them, discovering that Tower Tom's gang was running low on food and that they were planning to attack the stockpile and take Red's food.[1] Despite the successful defense of the entrance of their encampment, Lily was captured after a blow to the head rendered her unconscious. Another gang member was also captured with her.[2][3] After the attack, Red Tourette send out a crew to see if anyone could find where Lily went, fearing the worst.[4]

The pair of hostages were brought by Dreg to Tower Tom's room. To his surprise he realized who they captured. Immediately recognizing her importance as a hostage, he sent word of her capture.[5] When Lily awoke, she was in Beantown Brewery, with Tower Tom's "ugly mug" grinning at her; he decided to treat her well only because of his gang's desire for food.[3][6]

At first Red Tourette didn't believe that Lily had been captured, but this changed when Tower Tom had Lily write a letter to her sister. In it, she wrote what happened and for her not to worry, promising she would find a way to escape.[3] That night, she found a way to slip loose from the chains that bound her to the floor and attacked Tower Tom. He was still half asleep when she came at him and accidentally shot her in a vital area instead of the legs like he intended; she bled out in his office. In a state of desperation, he had to hide this not only from Red Tourette, but also from his own men.[7]

He let slip a rumor of a fat caravan train drifting in, when the whole crew went to hit it he stashed Lily's body in one of the brewing vats. With his gang essentially dead in the water without a source of food, Tower Tom gathered some pens and began to write.[8] At first it was subtle in his impersonations of Lily, mixing threats with pleas for better food.[9]

It eventually became suspicious, and Red Tourette would notice that something was wrong and tried forming a rescue party. She was talked down from the idea by her crew who emphasized that if she made a move, Tower Tom would kill Lily.[10][11] The only thing she could do was have one of her crew infiltrate Tower Tom's gang, in the hope of finding what happened to Lily. The mole found nothing, and Red could only conclude that Tower Tom must have moved her somewhere and sent a crew to look for her.[12]

Although the attack failed to dislodge their gang, Tower Tom's gang was successful in leveraging food for Lily's life, exploiting Red and Lily's sisterly bond.[5] However, this prolonged hostage situation also sparked a coup-d'etat within Red's gang,[13] but Red Tourette's biggest concern remains finding Lily.[14]


Lily is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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