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For the unique Fallout: New Vegas machete, see Liberator (weapon).
Fallout76 E3 Liberators 1528639310.jpg
LocationWest Virginia
AffiliationPeople's Liberation Army

The Liberator are a type of chinese robot found in Fallout 76.


The Liberators are an unique invention of the People's Liberation Army, notorious for their lack of effectiveness. The military infiltration and attack robots were used over the years by the PLA, becoming a joke among United States soldiers forced to waste ammunition on them.[1]

In response to their lack of effectiveness, a team of researchers at the covert Fujiniya Intelligence Base in Appalachia decided to improve the design.The inferior Liberator prototype was revamped in numerous ways. To make it more intimidating, the new Liberator Mark 0 - V was provided with an intimidating paint job and a set of speakers designed to spout propaganda, boosting the morale of friendly forces and sapping that of their foes. The spontaneous detonation caused by capture avoidance systems was also resolved in the new model, alongside a large number of improvements to its weapons systems. The low-powered laser that maimed instead of killing targets was replaced with a high-powered version and an additional spinning blade to give it an edge in melee engagements. Attempts to give it deployment capability, allowing it to attack and deploy on any surface, were postponed until the next version the Mark VI.[2]

The new bot was inexpensive to manufacture and easy to deploy via the facility's large launch bays disguised as smoke stacks, and the design was submitted to Party leadership as a proposal for use in vanguard forces for the invasion of contiguous United States. The improved bot was apparently accepted, with additional funding provided for further covert field testing in Appalachia and the establishment of an automated factory at Fujiniya.[2] After the Great War, the Enclave seized control of the facility, eliminated the holdouts, and secured the technology.[3] President Thomas Eckhart later deliberately unleashed them on Appalachia, in an attempt to trick the DEFCON system into raising the alert status.[4]


These cheap, mass-produced robots are designed to be dropped from aircraft and then autonomously attack any non-Chinese units they find, using rudimentary onboard weapons and IFF modules. The Liberator shell is optimized for air delivery and protects its internals from damage.[5] The cone end unfolds into four legs, allowing it to skitter around, while the top end conceals four blades that allow it to perform slashing attacks or glide short distances, crashing into their targets.

Although they are not particularly powerful on their own, the Liberators deployed by the PLA in West Virginia are usually encountered in packs, if not swarms, and can pose a lethal threat to survivors. A single Liberator poses little threat and can be dispatched using melee weapons or pipe guns, but if encountered in packs, they can wear down low-level players with ease.




  • Destroy a Liberator (lifetime)
  • Destroy Liberators (weekly)
  • Destroy Liberators with the Commie Whacker (weekly)



Liberators appear only in Fallout 76.

  1. Fujiniya Intelligence Base terminals: "To: *encrypted* Subject: Liberator bots In addition to stealth and cloaking research, it appears that this facilities main purpose was to mass-produce a new iteration of the prototype Liberator attack robots we've seen around. Though we're not sure why, considering the reputation, they've developed over the years.Surprisingly, they were successful with their latest attempts. The new models are the Mk 0-V, and they're annoying as hell. They can actually hit their target this time around, and have a spinning blade that goes right for your ankles. They also appear to have speakers now, and don't seem to ever shut the hell up.The facility is designed around two giant launch tubes disguised as smoke stacks on the exterior. We're not sure about exact production capability but we're too occupied with the primary mission to try. We've done our best to sabotage the production but these little things are everywhere. If I can be candid - one of them lept on me while I was trying to take a shit. That was as fun as it sounds."
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    We've combed the location for intel and schematics, and while we hit on a few interesting leads (plus a couple dead ends), this Liberator bot system appears to be the most promising for what command wants. Relevant system documentation has been removed from the site and will be turned over to command.
    I'll be moving out with the intelligence shortly. A couple of men will be staying behind to try and make the location less attractive to the curious.
    End report."
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