Lewis's personal log

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Lewis's personal log
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Lewis's personal log is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is recorded by Lewis.


The tape can be found in the ground floor bedroom of the Eta Psi House, beside a Nuka-Cola shaped lamp.



Personal log, timestamp 1120761344. My special edition Nuka-Cola lamp arrived in satisfactory condition. After a few... modifications, I am greatly pleased. I clearly now have the greatest Nuka-Cola collection in the city, but I've pushed the capacity of this meager hovel to the limit. Solution - I need to procure a warehouse in Morgantown for further expansion.

But first, I need the proper financial capital...
I clearly need to strategize a successful commercial enterprise. University students are plentiful. But what do they want... Aha! Proposal - students love alcohol. And I love Nuka-Cola. I shall formulate a high-proof distilled spirit with Nuka-Cola. The perfect beverage! Hmmm... it just needs a name. Nukahol? Nukamash? Nukabrew? Ah, I'll get to that part later.

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