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Lever-action rifle
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When you need to take down your enemies, cowboy style.

Survival Guide

Lever-action rifle is a weapon in Fallout Shelter. There are six variations of this weapon, including a unique legendary Lever-action rifle.


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List of variants

Variant name Rarity Damage Description
Rusty Common 4 The lever sticks a bit, but it's still a solid long-range weapon.
Lever-action rifle Common 4-5 When you need to take down your enemies, cowboy style.
Enhanced Common 4-6 A little extra oil in the lever, some fresh rounds. It's killin' time.
Hardened Rare 4-7 Take down those black hats like a legend of the Old West.
Armor piercing Rare 4-8 With this beauty, they may as well not even be wearing armor.
Lincoln's Repeater Legendary 4-9 Abe himself used this to kill Radscorpions. Honest.