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For lever-action BB guns, see BB gun.
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Lever-action rifles are rifles with which the type of action which uses a lever located around the trigger guard area (often including the trigger guard itself) to load fresh cartridges into the chamber of the barrel. On the down-stroke, the spent cartridge is ejected from the chamber and the hammer is cocked. A spring in the magazine forces the next round into the chamber; locking the lever back into position sealed the rifle back up into firing position.


.45-70 lever-action rifle

Fo4FH LeverAction.png
Gameplay article:

Found scattered throughout Mount Desert Island, this carbine is an effective brush gun, chambered in the robust .45-70 Government cartridge.

Antique lever-action rifle

Lever Rifle.png

Based on the Henry rifle, this centuries-old firearm design can be easily found around the Point Lookout area. This lever-action rifle is modern variant on the design, that is, being chambered to fire modern 10mm rounds. Holding ten in the tubular magazine, reloading is a matter of pushing up the spring from the base of the barrel to the end of the magazine and twisting the barrel open. Once open, one gently slides the ammunition down into the magazine rim first.[1]

Brush gun

Gameplay article:

Brush guns are high caliber lever action carbines designed to hunt big game and traverse thick brush easily and efficiently. Chambered in the powerful .45-70 Government round, cartridges are loaded into a tubular magazine from the ejection port in the side and hold up to six rounds at a time. Brush guns are favored by the veteran Rangers of the New California Republic for their overall power, accuracy and versatility.

Cowboy repeater

Cowboy repeater.png
Gameplay article:

As the name suggests, the cowboy repeater was a common firearm for cowboys and ranchers before the Great War, and this tradition lives on after the War. The rifle is chambered in the .357 Magnum revolver cartridge, which is known for its stopping power. Loaded from the side ejection port, the repeater can hold up to seven rounds at time, and can be modified to hold an additional four.

Trail carbine

Gameplay article:

Chambered in the large bore .44 Magnum revolver cartridge, this carbine combines power and accuracy into a well balance firearm. The tubular magazine can hold up to eight rounds, which are loaded into the weapon's cartridge ejection port. The weapon can be modified with a short range scope, only adding to its accuracy and adaptability.


  1. This firearm is clearly a Henry rifle variant and as such operates mechanically the same way.