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Letter to L
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Letter to L is a paper note in Fallout 76. This notes is used as the cipher to access Scott Conroy's research.




Hello L,

Thanks for watching my little furballs. Here's some tips for handling them.

Also, I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but I've left a list of Birthday gift ideas on my terminal. Keep your receipts and I'll pay you back!

Good luck, thanks again, and send my regards to R.

CURLY - He's the short hair. He like his food left under the desk.

DIEGO and DOLLY - These two are inseparable. Gloves recommended.

ELMA - She is polydactyl so she'll need her nails trimmed regularly.

PABBERS - She's a good kitty, but she'll need her teeth brushed, though.

MARI - The "key to my heart", my best friend, the only one in the world I TRUST. She likes to nap on top of the terminal.

RUBY - I hope R reminded you to wear long pants.

STRIDER - Big but sneaky. Vet has him on a special diet.

SNUGGLES - Her name is ironic. Seriously. Do. Not. Attempt. To. Snuggle with Snuggles. Unfortunately, Snuggles will also need her teeth brushed... sorry.

CLEO - I've left a grooming brush, if you happen to have a chance.

MITCHEL and SPENCER - I can't actually tell the two apart. Skilled climbers, so watch your head.

Thanks again!


  • This note can only be read and is otherwise unobtainable.
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