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Legion centurion armor
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Legion centurion armor
9 (JS)18
Item HP450
EffectsDisguise: Caesar's Legion
Legion centurion armor
Legion armor
Medium armor
base id000ee481
Legion centurion helmet
DT5Item HP-
Legion centurion helmet
base id000ee483

It is the armor of a Centurion. You have the rare honor of beholding it unspattered by the blood of my inferiors.

Aurelius of Phoenix

The Legion centurion armor is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


Worn by elite officers of Caesar's Legion,[1] the centurion armor is pieced together in patchwork by armors claimed from those they kill.[2] The helmet and chest piece are taken from Super mutant armor. The right sleeve is comprised of T-45d power armor from a Brotherhood of Steel knight, the left pauldron and bandolier are taken from a vault dweller's armored vault suit and the sleeve is taken from and NCR Ranger's patrol armor along with the crotch and thigh guards. Finally, the shin guards are scavenged from standard combat armor.[3]


The Legion centurion armor is by far the strongest suit of armor available to Caesar's Legion, with a full set of both armor and helmet providing a Damage Threshold of 23, only 1 less point than a full set of the famous NCR Ranger combat armor. The armor is composed from other pieces of armor taken from that of the wearer's defeated opponents in combat.

The parts appear to be:



  • This is considered to be one of the rarest non-unique armors in the game, as there are only two locations where it can be found before the final battle of Hoover Dam, and the helmet is only worn by Aurelius of Phoenix and by the Legion centurions at the last stages of the game. As of patch they are often worn by Legionary Assassins.
  • It is also one of the heaviest medium armors at a weight of 35 pounds making it as heavy as Gannon family Tesla armor.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png When swinging one-handed melee weapons in first person, the camera glitches inside the armor.



  1. The Courier: "Tell me about centurions."
    Hanlon: "There's no real equivalent to them in the NCR. Centurions are battle-born, elite officers who earned their rank with blood and sweat. They wear special outfits, too, pieced together from the armor of all their defeated enemies. Good commanders, tough opponents."
    (Hanlon's dialogue)
  2. Fallout: New Vegas loading screen hints: "Caesar's most trusted commanders are the centurions: battle-hardened front-line officers who dress in patchwork armor pieced together from their fallen foes."
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