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Legion arena
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Part ofThe Fort
FactionsCaesar's Legion
QuestsNothin' But a Hound Dog
Render Unto Caesar
Laurifer Gladiator/Andy and Charlie
Saving (or Savaging) Sergeant Teddy
Cell NameTheFortSummit
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All matches continue until one side is dead. No exceptions.


The Legion arena is a gladiatorial arena within the Fort.


This small arena is run by Otho who keeps a small stable of slaves and prisoners for gladiator battles; those who wish to test their mettle and earn renown within the Legion may do so here.[1] The slaves and prisoners are sometimes pit against each other, but it is usually less entertaining than a prisoner versus a freeman, given that prisoners are typically reluctant to kill each other in the first place.[2] The rules are simple: only a single free combatant may enter the gauntlet, with only a machete and minimal protection.[3][4]


Speak to Otho, who is standing to the right of the arena gate, in order to participate in arena matches. When entering a contest, weapons and equipment will be confiscated, replaced with gladiator armor and a machete. All arena opponents will be either unarmed or equipped with machetes by default. Battling in the arena will give you fame with Caesar's Legion. Because the arena fights are as much for earning respect as they are for entertainment, Otho will not allow a female Courier to participate.

Opponent List
  • Round 1: A fight against two slaves with machetes.
  • Round 2: A fight against Sergeant Andrews, a captured male NCR trooper armed with a machete.
  • Round 3: A fight against Ranger Stella, a captured female NCR Ranger.
Optional List


The Legion arena is right below Caesar's tent and is comprised of a small pit with walls of scrap metal hastily put together to form a post-apocalyptic Colosseum. A footlocker rests outside the door where personal effects are stored before entering the arena with the provisioned weapon and armor.


  • When you fight in the arena, all non-quest items (even keys) will be removed from your inventory and deposited in the Equipment Storage case outside; after you win, each item in the case is returned to you with its own popup message (just like with Mojave Express dropboxes). However, any item dropped in the arena will remain since the cell does not reset, meaning anything dropped can be picked up and used during the fight.
  • Since quest items can't be removed from your inventory, Motor-Runner's helmet and the Rebreather can both be worn during your fights for a little extra damage protection and, in the case of the helmet, a handy +5 Melee boost.
  • You can keep both the Machete and the Gladiator armor if you run out of the gate as the fight starts.
  • ED-E, if it has a clear shot at the arena (e.g. at Caesar's tent), will attack the enemy combatants.
  • After winning in the arena legion guards around the Fort will remark on the Courier's bouts with the slaves and ranger Stella claiming that they didn't think anyone could defeat a ranger in one on one combat.


Legion arena appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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    Otho runs the arena, and he's always looking for challengers to his stable of indentured gladiators. This is a purely small-time operation, but you can ask to compete in the arena, as well as learning the rules (only a Machete, Melee Weapon combat, and light armor). To the death! You can also ask him about how the arena fights work, the Legate, and the Burned Man. For every battle you win, you receive Fame, and the chance to fight a more seasoned opponent."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)
  2. The Courier: "Who does the fighting?"
    Otho: "Most of the time it's some young Legionary trying to make a name for himself, hoping to get noticed by Caesar or the Praetorians. We pit slaves or prisoners against each other once in awhile, but it's not much of a show. They're usually too reluctant to kill each other."
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  3. The Courier: "I'd like to fight in the arena."
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  4. The Courier: "What are the rules?"
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    (Otho's dialogue)