Legendary scrip

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Legendary scrip
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UsesTrading with The Purveyor

Legendary scrip are miscellaneous items that is given to the player when trading legendary weapons or armor to legendary exchange machines or The Purveyor in Fallout 76. Currently the only permanent method to obtain legendary scrip is trading with a legendary exchange machine or with the Purveyor. Another source of legendary scrip is seasonal events, such as Event: Grahm's Meat Cook and Event: Primal Cuts where Prime Meat could be exchanged for legendary scrip.


Like the mine scrips (or Company scrip) of nearly a century ago, legendary scrip is pseudo currency with no actual value. Legendary scrip is only earned by trading existing legendary weapons or armor in for a set amount based on the number of legendary effects associated with the weapon or piece of armor being traded (listed below). This can be done at a legendary exchange machine or at the Purveyor herself.

The total maximum amount of scrip is capped at 1000 scrip per player character.

Legendary effect quantity trade in value

Legendary weapons

Legendary effects Legendary scrip value
5 scrip
★★ 15 scrip
★★★ 40 scrip

Legendary armor

Legendary effects Legendary scrip value
3 scrip
★★ 9 scrip
★★★ 24 scrip

Legendary power armor

Note: Legendary power armor pieces are currently not available in-game

Legendary effects Legendary scrip value
10 scrip
★★ 30 scrip
★★★ 80 scrip