Learn mutant plans

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Learn mutant plans
Quest data
LocationSecret Vault residence 1
Given Byautomatically
Reward600 XP
Related quests
leads to:
Oh Shit!
Find residence key, Defeat mutant general, Follow Vault girl, Open auxiliary vent, Defeat Nightkin, Find laboratory key, Ring of Numbers
FOBoSLogo.pngThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Learn Mutant Plans is a quest in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It is located in the Secret Vault residence 1.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

This is the most global quest for the whole Chapter 3. It starts automatically once Initiate gets to the first level of the Secret Vault residence area. To complete it, player must make his/her way to Vault Laboratory Core and speak to Attis. This, in turn, involves the completion of a large number of main and side quest.

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