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Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution
Fo4 USS Constitution Quest.png
Quest data
LocationUSS Constitution
Given ByLookout
RewardCaptain Ironsides' Hat
Editor IDMS11
Base ID00022a02

We are defined by the caliber of challenges we choose to undertake. So attack adversity with gusto.

Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


The derelict USS Constitution is due for relaunching under the captaincy of Mr Ironsides. The Survivor can participate in this glorious endeavor! Avast, ye landlubbers, listen to ol' Vault spin a tale of exploits that will make you quake in your boots!


  • Upon approaching the ship, talk to the Lookout. You will be scanned, and requested to meet Captain Ironsides on top of the ship. Access the ship by a hatch inside the hole in the forward section of the ship.
  • Navigate through the ship. The First Mate will accost you, but will be pacified by Captain Ironsides. Ascend to the deck.
  • Captain Ironsides will explain his predicament and implore you to assist in overcoming the difficulties, directing you to the Bosun and Mr. Navigator,
  • Repulse the scavenger attack that so rudely interrupts the good Captain. The circuit breaker allows for firing a lethal volley of cannonballs at regular intervals, which deal a good deal of explosive damage.

Bosun's tasks

  • First, the Bosun will require fixing three power cable boxes located below decks. Find the box of cables (in a metal crate southwest of the Bosun).
  • The cables are located in orange boxes mounted into the structure of the ship. One is near the Bosun, and two more on the deck below, near the mast foundation and on the wall.
    • With Intelligence 3, you can simply jury-rig the cables without needing a replacement.
  • Then, he will request that you find a replacement power relay coil, which is available from Deb at Bunker Hill. The power relay is located on the starboard-side of the vessel, same level as the Boatswain.

Mr. Navigator's tasks

  • The Navigator asks for an NX-42 guidance chip. Head over to Mandy Stiles just a bit south of the Constitution, behind the bend, and talk to her.
    • The only way to acquire the chip from her without fighting is to agree to help her, if your sneak is high enough you can steal it without being detected. This will not lock out the robots' quest line.
    • Alternatively, kill the scavengers or steal the guidance chip from the cabinet in the left-hand office.
    • Nick Valentine will disapprove of the player saying that they will help the scavengers (although the later boost in loyalty will offset this loss).
  • Return to the ship and install the chip in the core guidance system near the radar dish.
  • The Navigator will request that you locate a replacement Poseidon radar transmitter at Poseidon Energy turbine.
    • With Intelligence of 9 you can fix the transmitter yourself
  • Travel to the location and retrieve the dish from a steamer trunk. Return to the ship.
  • Install the radar transmitter and complete the Navigator's objectives.


  • Captain Ironsides has one remaining task - find some FLL3 turbopump bearings. These are located in a random location, in a steamer trunk.
  • At this point, you have two choices.


  • Return to the Captain, then install the bearings in the turbopump in the Captain's quarters.
  • Report back and prepare to fend off a scavenger attack before the Constitution can lift off. Defend using everything you have, including the Constitution's cannons.
  • Once the scavengers are dead, report to Ironsides to receive your reward - and throw the switch to see the Constitution sail away!
    • It is possible to get back on the ship after the quest if the player sides with the robots. Speak to the Captain and he will promote them to Honourary Lieutenant and give them the Captain's Quarters and a Lieutenant's hat.


  • Report to Mandy Stiles and agree to sabotage the turbopump. Return to the Constitution as usual, but sabotage the pump before installing the bearings.
  • Return to her and participate in the attack on the ship. Once you slay Ironsides, her quest arc ends - and they promptly turn on you once you report back.



Quest stages

Meet the captain A strange lookout robot ordered me to report to the captain of the USS Constitution. A ship that's stuck on top of a bank(!).
Repulse scavenger attack The captain of the USS Constitution, Ironsides, has ordered me to assist on repairing his vessel. I'm to report to Mr. Navigator and Bosun for details.
Talk with the Bosun
OPTIONAL: Fire the Cannons
Repair or replace power cables (3/3)
(Optional) Grab power cables
Talk with Bosun
Repair or buy a replacement Power Relay Coil
Recover the Guidance Chip
Install the Guidance Chip
Talk with the Navigator
Repair or Replace Poseidon Radar Transmitter
Talk with the Navigator
Talk with Ironsides I've made all the repairs Mr. Navigator and Bosun have requested. Now I'm to report to Ironsides.
Find FLL3 Turboprop Bearings Ironsides needs one last component to repair the USS Constitution: Turboprop Bearings. I can find it at a nearby factory. After that, maybe he can tell me what the hell he's up to.
Install Turboprop Bearings Now I have to install the Turboprop Bearings on the USS Constitution. Then report in to Ironsides.
Return to Ironsides
Defend the USS Constitution Before the arguably insane Ironsides can launch the USS Constitution into the Atlantic, we have to fend off a last ditch attack from the scavengers.
Return to Ironsides
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